The holiday season is well and truly upon us. Some of you will be looking forward to settling down with friends and family for a well-deserved break, while others may find yourself itching to use this quieter time to dig your teeth into more Lifestyle Medicine (and some of you will be feeling both).

If you’re thinking about using this time to expand your learning, we’ve outlined 6 things you can do to stay on track (and maybe even get ahead) with Lifestyle Medicine over the next few weeks.

1. Take advantage of free lectures on the website

If you’re just starting out in Lifestyle Medicine and keen to find out more about what it’s all about, these free lectures are a great place to start. Interested in an introduction, mental health, ecology and human health, or politics and persuasion? Explore our blogs for all available lectures, or check out the list below of some popular presentations.

2. Watch the entire Lifestyle Medicine 2018 conference from the comfort of your home

Disappointed to have missed Lifestyle Medicine 2018? You don’t have to be. You can now access every lecture presented at Lifestyle Medicine 2018 across the three days. If you’re interested in learning from leaders in the field – there’s enough presentations in this package to captivate you for days. Available for purchase here.

Want more? Register for Lifestyle Medicine 2019! Lifestyle Medicine 2019 is the perfect place to explore new ways to support your patients with chronic and lifestyle-related disease, and network with an interdisciplinary, collaborative cohort of health professionals. Early bird registrations close 28 February.

3. Register for an online workshop

You may already be aware that ASLM provides online workshops to enhance your Lifestyle Medicine knowledge at your own pace. You’ll receive immediate access (lasting three years) to videos of talks (filmed at a face to face workshop) and supporting material. Just put your headphones on and you’re ready to go.

Current workshops:

    • Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine: Preventing, managing and reversing chronic disease in professional practice – Register now
    • Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) for practitioners and facilitators – Register now
    • Performance coaching in clinical practice – making an impact in every consultation – Register now

4. Take the first step towards Certification in Lifestyle Medicine

Looking for a way demonstrate your commitment to and expertise in the field of Lifestyle Medicine? Board Certification might be for you. The next Certification examination will take place on June 10 in Auckland, New Zealand, immediately following Lifestyle Medicine 2019. Take the first step and register to join the 2019 Board Certification cohort. Find out if Certification in Lifestyle Medicine is for you here.

5. Get underway in self-paced study for Certification in Lifestyle Medicine

If you’re already part of the growing cohort of candidates preparing to sit the Certification examination in 2019, you might find the holidays to be a good time to find a nice quiet place to get stuck into the Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine: The Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Course 2nd edition (FOL/LMBRC2) program, or the Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies (LMCC) program if you prefer videos, and start ticking off your 30 hours of online CPD. It’s not too early to get started; your FOL/LMBRC2 or LMCC access lasts for two years, giving you plenty of time to review before and after the exam.

6. Prepare a summary of your education and training a Fellowship RPL estimate or Fellowship application

Our Education Coordinator, Jordhana Clark, will be focusing on Fellowship applications in early 2019. This means the holidays are the perfect time to knuckle down and collate all the education, workshop, and conference attendances, and experience you have relevant to Lifestyle Medicine. Once prepared, contact our team via email at  for more information on how to submit a formal RPL application. In the meantime, visit here for a breakdown of Fellowship eligibility, requirements, RPL, and the current grand-parenting period.