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ASLM Fellowship

shutterstock_144197953_fellowship800The ASLM Board is proud to announce the ASLM Fellowship.

As a relatively recent field (since around 2004), Lifestyle Medicine has emerged largely in response to the epidemic of chronic and lifestyle-related conditions. There are now numerous colleges and societies of Lifestyle Medicine around the world and ASLM is playing a leading role internationally.

Rewind ten years and you may remember numerous government reports published between 2005 and 2009, including from the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission and the National Preventative Health Task Force, calling for an urgent paradigm shift towards prevention, early intervention, self-management and a new focus on wellness in the face of an unsustainable health system.

Lifestyle Medicine epitomises that new paradigm, and with a proactive and cohesive global movement now establishing an International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, has come of age as a discipline.

The ASLM Fellowship is arguably the first fully multidisciplinary fellowship in Australasia, open to all full members of the society – which means GPs and medical specialists, all other AHPRA registered practitioners, degree qualified allied health professionals, public health professionals, and researchers and educators in lifestyle medicine related fields. Being a multidisciplinary fellowship means it can be undertaken from a clinical, public health, research or education perspective.


Conceptual framework

The ASLM Fellowship is conceptually based on a Masters degree in structure, utilising a similar model of 1440 learning hours (eg: 12 tertiary units x 120 learning hours each), meaning that fellowship candidates need to earn 1440 points under the Fellowship framework to be awarded the Fellowship. However being industry-based recognition and not a tertiary qualification, the Fellowship is designed to provide considerable flexibility and cost-control for candidates.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning completed in the five years prior to enrolment (10 years during the grand-parenting period) is available. For the purposes of RPL, qualifications older than this are considered to be ‘kept alive’ by virtue of regular practice, registration, affiliation and continuing professional development in that field.

The maximum number of points that can be claimed by way of RPL is 960, except during the grand-parenting period where up to 1440 points (the full Fellowship) can be claimed.

It is expected that most Fellowship candidates will have significant claims for RPL. For example, post graduate qualifications in Lifestyle Medicine related areas (eg: nutrition and exercise sciences) will be eligible for Fellowship points, as will seminars, workshops, conferences and other education, training and CPD related to Lifestyle Medicine.


Grand-parenting period

The introduction of the ASLM Fellowship is accompanied by a grand-parenting period, during which time RPL provisions are more generous. Grand-parent provisions will initially be available for the first two years of the ASLM Fellowship program unless further extended by the Board.



Eligibility for enrolment in the ASLM Fellowship mirrors eligibility for Full membership of the Society with the additional requirement of 3 years experience in a discipline consistent with Lifestyle Medicine, therefore eligibility requirements are:

  • Full member of ASLM, eg: clinician, public health professional, researcher, educator
  • Bachelor degree in a discipline consistent with Lifestyle Medicine
  • Appropriate registration and affiliation as required by field
  • 3 years experience in a discipline consistent with Lifestyle Medicine



The minimum time in which the Fellowship can be completed is 18 months, and the maximum time without re-application is 6 years.

Fellowship candidates need to earn a total of 1440 points through a combination of:

  • Tertiary education in Lifestyle Medicine
  • ASLM delivered education/training
  • Third party education/training
  • Authoring/publishing
  • Lecturing/presenting
  • Research, policy-related or clinical project
  • Supervision/mentoring
  • Self directed learning
  • Conducting peer review
  • Teaching, course co-ordination
  • Policy development or analysis
  • Other science, research, eg: PhD

Fellowship points can be earned in a number of ways with few fixed requirements except as described below:

  • Minimum of 480 points (4 units) of tertiary education in Lifestyle Medicine or RPL equivalent
  • Minimum of 240 points of ASLM provided education/training. This requirement cannot be waived through RPL, except during the grand-parenting period.
  • Demonstrated competency in at least f of the following domains central to Lifestyle Medicine:
    • Lifestyle Medicine fundamentals (compulsory)
    • Determinants of Chronic Disease
    • Pathophysiology of Chronic Disease
    • Processes in Lifestyle Medicine
    • Diet, nutrition and related sciences
    • Physical activity and related sciences
    • Behavioural approaches in Lifestyle Medicine
    • Psychosocial factors in Lifestyle Medicine
    • Self management in Lifestyle Medicine
    • Applications of Lifestyle Medicine in specific settings

There is ongoing assessment, including:

  • Assignments, participation and hurdle tasks via our online learning platform
  • Part A assessment (can be undertaken after 9 months of fellowship enrolment and accumulation of 480 points)
    • Multiple choice exam
    • Short answer written exam
  • Part B assessment (can be undertaken after 15 months of fellowship enrolment and accumulation of 960 points)
    • Multiple choice exam
    • Short and long answer written exam

More information

Prospective candidates are encouraged to email  or call 1300 673 643 to schedule a call with our Education Coordinator to discuss eligibility, recognition of prior learning, the grand-parenting period and any other questions you may have.