BodyGuide app: free subscription for members

ASLM is proud to endorse the BodyGuide app and pleased to announce a complimentary 1 year subscription for members to the BodyGuide app valued at $108.

BodyGuide builds self-help rehab programs by matching symptoms to relevant education and exercises. Built by a medical team of Australia’s leading Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Strength and Conditioning coaches, BodyGuide helps you to get you moving freely again. You can build a body that doesn’t need treatment to feel good. The more you learn, the better you feel.

The free subscription is available to logged in members via this page. If you are logged in and have an active membership, a QR code will appear (just below this paragraph) for you to scan with your mobile, giving you access to download the BodyGuide app for free. (Please note that BodyGuide is a mobile app, you must use your mobile device).

How does BodyGuide work?

The BodyGuide app is a tailored program that is split into three phases; Relief, Resolve, Resilience, and encourages mindful movement and builds skills to help you feel better.

  1. Start by specifying where you are feeling pain
  2. Answer a series of questions to help build your program
  3. In under 2 minutes, you’ll receive a program tailored to your needs
  4. You’ll find beautiful engaging videos that teach you about your body. From the common causes of pain, to exercise and self-massage tutorials.
  1. Access unlimited programs across 7 pain areas.
  2. Customise your program with up to 5 difficulty levels for each movement.
  3. Unlock Relief, Resolve and Resilience phases of your program.
  4. Save your favourite activities for quick use when you need.
  5. Browse through constantly updated education pieces written by health professionals to upskill your body knowledge.
  1. Empower yourself to tackle issues whenever they arise.
  2. Reduce tension and discomfort with easy, effective movement.
  3. Learn to self-massage.
  4. Get to know your own alignment.
  5. Improve your posture, flexibility and strength.
  6. No equipment needed.
  7. Supercharge the things you love. BodyGuide is full of life lessons that you can take into your yoga, running, gym – or any other physical activity.

Find out more about BodyGuide here.

BodyGuide was founded by Matthew Green, a Melbourne based Myotherapist with 10+ years clinical experience, and built by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. BodyGuide strives to empower people to take better care of their bodies, and bridge the gap between Dr Google, and appointments.

The app doesn’t aim to build a diagnosis machine or to replace health professionals, but to simplify body knowledge into actionable education.

Getting more people moving, benefits not just the individuals, but our community on the whole.

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