Dedicated to improving health & wellbeing

Improving the health of Australians and New Zealanders by addressing behavioural, environmental, social and other determinants of health and wellbeing.

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ASLM is pioneering Shared Medical Appointments

A series of consecutive individual medical consultations in a supportive interactive group setting. A quantum leap forward in chronic disease management and treatment.

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An eating plan for people & planet

A guide for improving health and the environment in the modern world based on recent scientific findings relating to the body's evolved reaction to certain foods.

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A multidisciplinary society for doctors, allied health practitioners, public health professionals, educators and researchers advancing Lifestyle Medicine.

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An international scientific, medical, allied health and health policy multidisciplinary CPD event. Super early bird registration is open.

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Online workshops

  • performance coaching in clinical practice

Performance coaching in clinical practice workshop – creating an impact in every consultation

Designed for GPs, practice nurses, allied health practitioners and other practice personnel Learn how to maximise your time and [...]

Shared Medical Appointments (SMA) workshop for practitioners and facilitators

A quantum leap forward in chronic disease management and treatment Learn how to conduct Shared Medical Appointments and optionally, [...]

  • Scale, Apples, Weights and Measuring Tape

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine Workshop

(Preventing, managing and reversing chronic disease in professional practice) The first in a series of one-day and online workshops [...]

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See you in NZ!

Early bird registrations are now open for Lifestyle Medicine 2019 in Auckland!

Lifestyle Medicine 2019 will feature ‘Innovation & Intervention, Environment & Equity’ as the overarching theme.

Want to know what to expect? Watch the video to see a Lifestyle Medicine conference in action. And check out the previous conference program and extraordinary line-up of speakers!

We look forward to seeing you in Auckland in June!

Be part of a bigger change

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is a multidisciplinary society working towards improved prevention, management, and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions.  ‘Lifestyle-related’ includes environmental, societal, behavioural and other factors.  Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly growing discipline with numerous colleges and societies around the world and many more countries starting up.

ASLM members include GPs and medical specialists, allied health practitioners, public health professionals, educators and researchers.  In practical terms, Lifestyle Medicine involves a range of professionals working together to address physical inactivity, poor diet or nutrition, smoking, alcohol overconsumption, chronic stress, anxiety, poor or inadequate sleep, social isolation, loss of culture and identity, exposures to toxins, and other influences of society and environment.

Importantly, Lifestyle Medicine is both a discipline, and a movement for change.  We advocate for innovation in clinical practice and prevention, in particular addressing the drivers of chronic disease, health equity and environmental sustainability.  Areas of focus include reversing type 2 diabetes, weight loss and management, Shared Medical Appointments, largely plant-based whole food nutrition, reducing sugar consumption, and of course reducing harm from alcohol overuse.

Be part of a bigger change and join the Lifestyle Medicine movement. You’ll feel at home in our energetic, resourceful and creative multidisciplinary society.

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Board certification 2019 open

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ASLM is delighted to announce our next board certification exam will be held on Monday 10 June, immediately following Lifestyle Medicine 2019 (7-9 June) in Auckland, New Zealand. Read more about Certification.

Board certification is also a significant step towards Fellowship of the society (FASLM). The ASLM Fellowship is the first fully multidisciplinary fellowship in Australasia, open to all full members of the society, eg: medical practitioners, dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, educators, researchers/scientists and public health professionals. More about the Fellowship.

Or visit our Education page for an overview of continuing professional development and educational pathways in Lifestyle Medicine.

Shared Medical Appointments

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), also called ‘Group Visits’, are a revolutionary way of managing chronic disease in primary care. They are “A series of consecutive individual medical consultations in a supportive group setting where all can listen, interact, and learn.” A SMA is both an individual consultation and a group education session.

SMAs involve a doctor, a facilitator (usually an allied health professional) who directs the 60 to 90 minute session and manages group dynamics, and 6 to 12 patients at a time. If you’re frustrated with the limitations of 1:1 consulting, SMAs are for you – and for your patients.

Become a Registered SMA Facilitator by attending a one day training course and followup assessment. ASLM provides an ongoing support structure for GPs and Facilitators trained in the SMA protocol.

Learn more about SMAs

Featured articles

‘Eat whole foods, mostly plant-based’: What does this actually mean?

This simple, yet effective mantra is derived from Michael Pollan’s best-selling book In Defence of Food1 (the original quote [...]

  • Welcoming consultation office

Client-centred practice and health efficacy

Being client-centred means the health practitioner views the client as a whole person who has beliefs, values, relationships and [...]

Brain & Biome

Held on Friday 17 August 2018 at the Brisbane Sofitel

Featuring Dr Joanna McMillan, as seen on ABC Catalyst’s ‘Gut Revolution’, and seven leading presenters in neuroscience, psychoneuroendocrinology, nutrigenomics, positive psychology and microbiology.  This special evening featured lightning Ted-style talks, panel discussion and Q&A with the audience.

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An eating plan for people & planet

A guide for improving health and the environment in the modern world based on recent scientific findings relating to the body’s evolved reaction to certain foods.

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NGO of the Year

ASLM named NGO of the Year at Prime Awards

In recognition of excellence in improving the health of Australians, ASLM was awarded NGO of the Year at the 2018 PRIME Awards. The purpose of the NGO of the Year award is “to recognise the huge contribution that non-government organisations (NGOs) make to the quality of Australian healthcare” with a key criteria being “to improve the lives of Australian patients”.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine bridges the gap between health promotion and conventional medicine and promotes a multidisciplinary, whole system approach. As a discipline, Lifestyle Medicine sits at the intersection of medicine, healthcare and health policy addressing the behavioural, social, environmental, socioeconomic, political and other factors impacting on health and wellbeing.

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About ASLM

ASLM advocates for Lifestyle Medicine and provides education, training and professional development for doctors, allied health practitioners, public health professionals, researchers and educators in Lifestyle Medicine. Similarly, ASLM has a mission to educate and inform members of the public how to prevent and better manage and treat chronic and lifestyle-related conditions.

About ASLM

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We warmly invite you to be part of an energetic, resourceful and creative multidisciplinary society advancing Lifestyle Medicine.  Get access to the latest information and resources, and participate in an active, supportive community of health professionals focused on improving the health and wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders.

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IMgateway for ASLM members

ASLM is proud to announce UnityHealth as a Society partner. As a result of this partnership, ASLM members currently receive complimentary access to IMgateway, a subscription database service valued at $300 p.a.

IMgateway is the leading Australian, integrative medicine database of over 700 monographs, featuring Australia’s most comprehensive interactions checker containing traffic light reports on over 1,000 herb-drug, supplement-drug, and food-drug interactions (in partnership with the School of Pharmacy, University of Sydney), practitioner monographs, patient information sheets and information on the leading practitioner only products.

Thanks to UnityHealth for supporting Lifestyle Medicine.

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Organisations we work with

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  • True Health Initiative

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine becomes organisational member of the True Health Initiative [Media Release]

On 19 December 2018, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine officially joined the True Health Initiative (THI), a global [...]

  • Jane Burns at Lifestyle Medicine 2018

Professor Jane Burns at Lifestyle Medicine 2018

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