Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2024 at the Essential Health Summit

Lifestyle Medicine 2024 will be taking place Thursday 25 – Saturday 27 July 2024 in Adelaide, Australia as part of the Essential Health Summit.

Hear from renowned speakers, take part in insightful discussions covering the latest developments in health and Lifestyle Medicine, and explore cutting-edge products and services from exhibitors in the healthcare and the Lifestyle Medicine industry.

Final release tickets are now on sale.

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New Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Directory - Health Hunter

The new patient-facing directory is here!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Health Hunter, a platform uniquely designed to connect patients with ASLM practitioners who specialise in preventative approaches and treat the root cause of chronic health conditions. 

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Through practitioner education, awareness, advocacy, and research and development, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine is transforming healthcare so that lifestyle modification is always considered in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

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ASLM members represent a diverse range of medical and health professionals with a shared motivation to change the way we address chronic and lifestyle-related disease across Australasia. Since launching in 2015, ASLM now comprises over 950 members, many of whom have pursued additional training and education in Lifestyle Medicine to establish themselves as leaders in health and wellbeing.

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