Lean in to your Lifestyle Medicine community

We understand that right now, you and those in our community, are facing many extraordinary challenges. From the overwhelm and exhaustion that comes with being on the front line, through to job insecurity and uncertainty, anxiety for your own health and the health of your loved ones, and of course, the disconnection and disruption as a result of work from home and social distancing, we want you to know that we are here for you. 

Better Together has been designed to connect and support our members and the broader Lifestyle Medicine community during this unprecedented time.

Each week until 3 May, ASLM hosted an interactive Sunday night webinar, a Wednesday night open forum, and delivering insightful and helpful resources direct to inboxes across Australasia and on this page. These resources cover a variety of lifestyle medicine aspects, such as addressing psychological challenges, nourishing yourself with good food and movement, managing feelings of stress and overwhelm, improving sleep, and importantly, enhancing connectedness and a sense of community. 

Resources will be added to this page regularly as they become available or are mentioned in the sessions.

Weekly webinars

Designed to help you pause, reflect and wind-down from the week that was, the Sunday night webinars will bring you discussions and demonstrations on insightful and reflective topics across the full spectrum of Lifestyle Medicine.

All webinars will be recorded and made available to members and the broader Lifestyle Medicine community on this page free of charge.

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The next weekly webinar is

Our weekly webinars have now ended. A special thank you to our generous and insightful presenters and every health professional who took part in these special sessions.

Previous webinars

All previous webinars are available right here free of charge.

29 March 2020

Caring for our ourselves and our families – an introduction to the Better Together campaign with Dr Sam Manger and Shivaun Conn.

5 April 2020

A/Prof Craig Hassed and Shannon Harvey in a discussion on mindfulness along with a practice you can join in.

12 April 2020

Dr Darren Moreton on What does it take to flourish?

19 April 2020

Dr Kate Gregorevic and Dr Cam McDonald on lifestyle based mental health strategies for health professionals.

26 April 2020

Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore, Dr Kylie Abbott and Tim Cassettari on prioritising nutrition during this time. (Additional reading and resources)

3 May 2020

Dr Jenny Brockis on the one daily activity essential to health and mood during lockdown.


Thank you, enjoyed this session. The Pharmacy profession in NZ is feeling the pressure and I will try to pass on these messages to colleagues.

Thanks so much for the re-focusing. I was thinking that my Lifestyle Medicine skills were no longer of any use and it was all going to be about intubation skills!

Thank you for sharing your personal stories – extremely valuable!

Thank you. This is a valuable initiative! Doctor from South Africa over here, where we have a lot of stress based on anticipating the increased strain on our already over-burdened health system.

Thanks guys for a great session and some inspiration! It’s amazing to see how we really are all in this together. No matter where we are and what we do.  Keep safe & healthy.

The personal stories were really really valuable. It normalises what we are all going through and that’s where the gold is in this time of isolation. Honesty and “realness” – because what is represented on social media is often not!

Open forums

Designed to provide a much needed opportunity to connect and share, the Wednesday night open forums will allow you to be on screen and talk live to other professionals in a safe and facilitated setting, therefore these sessions will not be recorded.

The sessions will be hosted by Simon Matthews, Psychologist, health coach and CEO of Wellcoaches Australia, New Zealand & Pacific, and co-hosted by a range of guests each bringing a particular theme to the discussion.

The next weekly open forum is

Our weekly Open Forums have now ended. A special thank you to Simon Matthews, co-hosts and every health professional who took part in these special evenings events.

Stay connected

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Resources for you

Mental health


Mindfulness in clinical practice with A/Prof Craig Hassed

The GP Show Podcast: There are many pearls of wisdom in this episode that are extremely useful to learn and apply. We discuss the principles of mindfulness, how it applies in clinical practice, its role in mental illness, pain disorders and general healthy living, and resources for therapists and patients. Listen here


Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing and work/study performance in this online course. Learn here

My Whole Health Life

For those who watched the webinar with A/Prof Craig Hassed and Shannon Harvey above, here’s Shannon’s book about balancing health with life and the place to sign up to hear more about My Year of Living Mindfully, the movie, which is going to be free for a week online in May.  Find out more.

Mindfulness For Life

For those who watched the webinar with A/Prof Craig Hassed and Shannon Harvey above, here’s Craig’s book about how just a few minutes of mindfulness a day can change your life!  Find out more.

Person looking out window

Mindful in May

Mindful in May is the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign. They provide education, tools and support to build a sustainable meditation practice to become mentally fit in one month. Research shows it only takes 10 minutes of meditation a day to see significant positive benefits to your life. Find out more here

Smiling person

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an app-based meditation program for all ages developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life. Find out more here


Insight Timer

Meditation app with thousands of free guided meditations, courses, music tracks, discussion groups. Plus stats and milestones for tracking your progress. Find out more here

Blur of red and silver

Dealing with the immense uncertainty of the world

The world is in a state of fear and uncertainty right now, and it’s stressful and overwhelming for most of us…Bring awareness to the feelings you’re experiencing, and acknowledge their presence. Read here


10 tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19

Dr Jill Newby, Associate Professor of Psychology at UNSW and based at the Black Dog Institute shares some helpful actions which can assist in reducing anxiety and help manage COVID-19 fears. Read here


7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety

The following suggestions, based on psychological science, can help you deal with coronavirus anxiety. Read here


Headspace provides tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 – 25 year olds. With a focus on early intervention, they work with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future. Find out more here

Meditation Association of Australia – find a meditation teacher

Enter your postcode to find a registered meditation teacher in your area. Find out more here

Fighting off COVID-19: A walk in the park?

An article by ASLM Fellow, Dr Jonathan Hoar, on the health benefits of forest bathing. Find out more here


Person on phone

Tech tips and tricks to cope with coronavirus social isolation measures

An article with tips and tricks for using technology to cope with social isolation. “From maintaining your friendships to helping out the elderly, technology can help”. Read here

working from home

Social distancing can make you lonely. Here’s how to stay connected when you’re in lockdown

An article about reducing loneliness during social distancing. “Positive social interactions – even remotely – can help reduce loneliness. Showing genuine interest in others, sharing positive news, and bringing up old memories can enhance our relationships”. Read here

Parent with two children on couch

A Lesson on How To Communicate During Uncertain Times

This article poses the question (when talking about the coronavirus): Am I adding to the panic or stress of others, or am I being a calming influence? Read here

Konnect app by R U OK?

A free mobile app which issues interactive challenges that will get users reaching out to the people in their world in new and creative ways. Konnect was developed in response to an R U OK? national survey that revealed around half of Australians spend two hours or less of their weekly downtime connecting with the people who matter to them – a concerning fact as strong relationships are linked to better mental and physical health and can help us navigate life’s ups and downs. Find out more here

Our Relationship online course

Online support to help couples and individuals that are struggling with their relationships find free or low-cost tools and resources they need to improve their communication and regain intimacy and trust. Find out more here



Food and Mood : Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition

A free online course to explore how food, nutrition, mental and brain health, why diet matters are all related and how to make optimal dietary changes. (Duration: 3hrs/week for 3 weeks. Next courses start 8 June 2020 and 14 Sept 2020) Find out more here

Bowl of food, avocado and drink

Food and Mood with Professor Felice Jacka

The GP Show Podcast: A conversation with Professor Felice Jacka from the Deakin University School of Medicine and Food and Mood Centre about how food effects our mental health and what clinicians and patients can do about it. Listen here

Porridge with fruit


Nutrition Tracker app. Track what you eat, discover your nutrition, compare biometrics & nutrients and meet your fitness goals. Track up to 82 micronutrients. Used and preferred by healthcare professionals. Find out more here

Free Resources for Home-Based Living, in the Time of CoronaVirus

Milkwood has gathered some resources for home-based living for you – recipes for helpful things to make and grow, ways to help your community, free home-learning portals, good books, and more. Because this needs to be the season of kindness and slowness, even while we distance. And there’s lots of things you can make and do, starting now. Find out more here


Person doing yoga stretch


Free YouTube pilates workouts. Solidcore is a 50-minute, high-intensity, low-impact fitness class, using resistance to work your body to muscle failure. Find out more here

7 minute workout app

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout® App is the fast, simple, science-based way to work out anywhere, anytime. Find out more here

Nike Training Club App

We may be stuck indoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be active. We can move, sweat, get stronger and thrive. NTC provides workouts, nutrition advice and expert help, so we can all come back from this stronger than ever. Join in with a community of living room athletes. Find out more here

5 Minute Yoga app

Start or end the day with this free 5 Minute Yoga app that serves up a variety of quick poses suited for beginners. (It’s also great for pros who have busy schedules.) Plus track your progress. Find out more here

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Free yoga, mindfulness and relaxation classes on YouTube, designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world. Find out more here


Strategies to improve your sleep

This article from This Way Up outlines strategies to improve your sleep, including a link to their free ‘Managing Insomnia’ course. “It’s probably no surprise that the quality and duration of your sleep is closely linked with your mental health. A poor night’s sleep can negatively impact on your anxiety and mood – making you feel worse, which can, in turn, make getting a good night’s sleep even harder.” Find out more here

Sleep On Cue iPhone app

Sleep On Cue is a scientifically-based sleep-training app for smartphone. In formal studies, lab-based ISR was shown to be as effective as the most supported and effective counseling/behavioral technique for insomnia, called “stimulus control”, but ISR showed a much faster response time and an equally long lasting effect. Find out more here

Sleepio online sleep course

Sleepio consists of six lessons, of approximately 20 minutes each, incorporating CBT and education treatment methods. The course is delivered by an animated character “The Prof”, with content personalised using an algorithm driven by the results of an initial assessment; this assessment is based on treatment goals, symptoms and ongoing entries in a sleep diary. Sleepio brings together a team of world experts in sleep science and cognitive & behavioral techniques. Improve your sleep with proven techniques developed from over 35 years of research. Find out more here

Helping others

One Good Street

A Facebook group and online community that connects individuals with elderly people. One Good Street aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation among seniors by outlining a platform of opportunities for people to offer their assistance to older residents in their neighborhood. Visit their website to find out how you can get your street accredited and begin offering help, or get help for your loved ones. Find out more here

The Kindness Pandemic

Facebook group to share acts of kindness during Covid-19. “We set up #TheKindnessPandemic because so many people need acts of kindness right now; and so many others want to hear stories of kindness. Kindness won’t make COVID19 go away, but it will make our lives easier and more rewarding. We particularly encourage intergenerational kindness, but welcome you sharing all acts of kindness.” Find out more here

How you can support Australia’s frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis

With challenging months ahead, a number of campaigns are asking the public to show their support for those working hard to contain the spread of the virus – from buying a healthcare worker a coffee to offering up your babysitting services. Find out more here

For fun

48 ideas to entertain the kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak

As families across the country face lockdown, here are things to do with children, from toddlers to teens, to keep them engaged and happy. Find out more here

10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours

The originals are out of reach for now, but you can still see world-class art – without the queues or ticket prices – with an online tour of these famous museums. Find out more here

Quarantine Soirées

Nightly performances of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, livestreamed. Find out more here

Livestreamed arts: an incomplete guide

Coronavirus: could livestreaming be the answer to the arts industry’s freefall? Find out more here

Income security

Covid-19: COSBOA (Council of Small Business Australia) Assistance for Small Business

COSBOA prodives a summary and direct links to information aimed at small businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19. Find out more here

Laptop, phone, pens and notepad

Covid-19: Funding guide for BUSINESS

Is your business struggling in the current environment with no customers and mounting expenses? You may be eligible for support funding either by grant, tax relief, PAYG refunds and more. Find all the support info in the easy to understand guide. Find out more here

Looking up at buildings

Covid-19: information for small businesses

A guide and resource for small business owners from the Australian Tax Office. Find out more here

Covid-19: RACGP Financial assistance for practices

A high-level summary of the Australian government’s stimulus package, and Australian Tax Office administrative concessions, in response to COVID-19. Some elements of this stimulus package will apply to general practices as small to medium businesses. Find out more here

Working from home

Working from home: A checklist to support your mental health during Coronavirus

Dr Jill Newby, Associate Professor of Psychology at UNSW and based at the Black Dog Institute shares her checklist for taking care of your mental health when working from home. Find out more here

person using wireless keyboard and monitor

The “un”ergonomics of working from home

Jacqueline Edser, qualified Occupational Therapist, provides her top tips on how to create a home working situation that minimises aches and pains and keeps you in a productive as possible environment. Find out more here


Technology resources for COVID-19

Listed are some of the technological resources available to medical practices, allied health practices, pharmacies, hospitals, aged and community care during the coronavirus outbreak. Find out more here