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ASLM is proud to endorse activities (courses, programs, services, events, and products) that exemplify the principles of Lifestyle Medicine or promote awareness, understanding and uptake of the principles and applications of Lifestyle Medicine.

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For the uninitiated, Lifestyle Medicine is much more than health behaviour.  ‘Lifestyle’ includes our society, environment, socioeconomic and other factors, and requires a multiple systems approach to the chronic and lifestyle-related disease problem.

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the cause and treats the whole person, in particular by enhancing self-empowerment and self-efficacy to manage and improve our own health, and by providing the knowledge, skills and resources to do so.

Importantly, Lifestyle Medicine encapsulates the values you probably hold as strongly as we do; improving health and wellbeing, health equity, social justice, environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility and more. You can read more about Lifestyle Medicine here.

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Endorsed activities

Are you interested in being part of the exciting new frontier of Lifestyle Medicine and want to learn from leaders in the field? Avondale offers two postgraduate courses via distance education, the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine.

Designed by pioneers of Lifestyle Medicine, units are taught by highly qualified lecturers who are research active in the field. Study online in your own time, allowing you to fit your study around your work, family and lifestyle commitments. Enter via any Bachelor level degree – you don’t need a health background.

The Lifestyle Medicine Society (LMS) healthy weight for women program has been developed under the guidance of experts from the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). It’s a unique way to lose weight because it’s focused on health, rather than weight. The weight loss will follow – but without the guilt or misgivings of most weight loss programs.

Are you interested in being part of the exciting new frontier of Lifestyle Medicine and want to learn from leaders in Similarly, LMS offers a scientifically-based, no-nonsense, no-gimmicks waist loss for men program – specifically for men! These healthy eating and weight loss programs are scientifically founded from over 35 years of research in health science. Due to the differences in psychology and physiology of men and women, two unique programs have been developed to specifically target the individual needs of both genders. These programs bring  you the latest research in healthy eating and weight loss.