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EOFY donations with social impact


At ASLM, we’re focused on social impact.  We’re sure you are too.

With the end of the financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, we invite you to consider making a tax deductible donation to an initiative that will benefit our families, communities and society.

ASLM’s mission is outwardly focused meaning that we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders through our initiatives, but we need your support.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our initiatives rely on the money we raise from membership, education, the annual conference, partnerships, sponsorship and donations. We receive no government funding, yet the work we do has a profound social impact. 

Importantly, your donations are applied to specific initiatives and you can optionally direct your donation to your choice of project/s. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible. This EOFY, please do consider supporting one or more of the initiatives below.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 673 643 or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation.

Open Health

Open Health is a groundbreaking online platform for changing health behaviour to prevent and manage chronic disease.  It will be available to the general public for managing and improving their health, and in particular, to practitioners to enrol their patients  – in which case the program will report back to the practitioner – allowing practitioners to assist patients with health behaviour change in a meaningful way, and accountability in the relationship between the patient and the practitioner.

Already in development for a number of years, the program is expected to reach beta testing and then clinical trial stage in 2018/2019 subject to receiving sufficient funding.  Your donations will help make this a reality.   If you’re on the ASLM mailing list you’ll hear about this as soon as it is available for testing and then for trial recruitment.

Major donors please note that Open Health is currently in Stage 3 of 5, meaning that development of the software is well advanced and we will soon be launching the social enterprise stage of the project, during which the remaining development costs will be raised through equity funding. Those interested in equity partnership rather than donation should email for more information.

Read more about this innovative research and social enterprise here.

 Lifestyle Medicine Education (LMEd)

The LMEd project ultimately aims to ensure that all practitioners receive education in Lifestyle Medicine, whether as part of their undergraduate degree or training, for example at medical school or during registrar training, or as postgraduate education or continuing professional development.

Therefore the project includes both development of modules of Lifestyle Medicine education, and advocacy for this education to be included in the curricula of undergraduate degrees, registrar training and other clinical placements and training.

To do this we are developing a modern social learning platform and a multidisciplinary working party with representatives from key organisations to advocate for this important change. Supporting this initiative with your donation will help us establish Lifestyle Medicine as standard best practice in prevention and healthcare.

Read more about the educational pathways we are developing here.

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs)

ASLM has been pioneering Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) for a number of years now, including a long and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to achieve a specific MBS item number for SMAs for Type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetes.

However, the lack of a specific item number does not preclude delivering SMAs in your practice and ASLM is currently training hundreds of practitioners and SMA facilitators (usually allied health professionals) in medical centres around the country through a number of Primary Health Networks.

Your donation will help us to advocate for SMAs as an innovative process in clinical practice, and to conduct more research into patient outcomes and into the cost effectiveness of SMAs compared to standard consulting.

Read more about SMAs and the research we have already conducted here.

Lifestyle Prescription (LMRx)

The government ‘Lifescripts’ initiative was de-funded in 2014, leaving an unmet need for resources to support practitioners and patients in promoting lifestyle change. There is considerable research demonstrating that GPs are well placed to initiate and coordinate lifestyle intervention but are short of time, resources and training in this important area. Similarly, there is little guidance or consistency for allied health practitioners assisting their patients or clients with lifestyle change.

This project will create a comprehensive set of guidelines and resources for lifestyle prescription, both for the practitioner and patient, and will additionally provide patient intake, assessment, support and followup processes while potentially collecting longitudinal data in specific areas such as the potential for reversal of early stage type 2 diabetes, reduction of risk factors, reduction of medical visits and hospitalisation, and improvement of functional health and wellbeing.

This project is currently in seed funding and research proposal development stage.  Your donation will help us formalise the scope, outcomes and timeframes for the project.

1000 Women

(Women’s Midlife Health and Empowerment project)

It is well known that the cardiovascular disease and stroke risk for women is lower than for men up to the age of about 45, but that during the menopause years, the risk for women increases dramatically and by the age of 55 equals or exceeds the ‘normal’ level of risk.

Additionally, women in this age group have a particularly important role to play in both society and the family in driving awareness of social and environmental issues and promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours.

There is a clear opportunity for Lifestyle Medicine to provide an evidence-based pathway of guidance and resources through the ‘climacteric’, and to engage women as ambassadors of health and wellbeing for their families and communities.

This project will investigate and publish guidelines and resources for optimal health and wellbeing in midlife for women while also engaging role models and ambassadors to inspire and promote healthy behaviours and advocate for change to social and environmental issues impacting on health.

This project is currently in seed funding and research proposal development stage.  Your donation will help us formalise the scope, outcomes and timeframes for the project.

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