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Lifestyle Medicine Prescription (LMRx)

Developing clinical resources for lifestyle prescription

The government ‘Lifescripts’ initiative was de-funded in 2014, leaving an unmet need for resources to support practitioners and patients in lifestyle change. The LMRx project is placed to fill this need, providing clinical resources and training for primary care practitioners.

Thus, the LMRx project will create a comprehensive set of therapeutic guidelines and clinical resources for lifestyle prescription, both for the practitioner and patient, such as patient intake, assessment, management and followup processes, while potentially collecting longitudinal data in specific areas such as the potential for reversal of early stage type 2 diabetes, reduction of risk factors, reduction of medical visits and hospitalisation, and improvement of functional health and wellbeing.

The project is being developed by the LMRx working party with the oversight of an expert Peer Review Panel to review position statements and guidelines documents, and also requires the appointment of a Project Officer to support the initiative.

Supporting this project will help ensure that in the near future, every practitioner can access the tools and resources they need to be instrumental in helping their patients make and maintain lifestyle change.

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