ASLM Fellowship

Recognising your expertise in Lifestyle Medicine

The ASLM Fellowship is the first fully multidisciplinary fellowship in Australasia, open to all full members of the Society. This means GPs and medical specialists, AHPRA registered practitioners, other degree or masters qualified health professionals, public health professionals, and researchers and educators in Lifestyle Medicine related fields.

Being a multidisciplinary fellowship means it can be undertaken from a clinical, public health, research or education perspective. However, being a framework for peer recognition and not a tertiary qualification, it provides considerable flexibility for candidates to earn or receive RPL for Fellowship points from education and training in the fields of their choice, relating to Lifestyle Medicine, subject to meeting all other requirements.

Watch: Education pathways in Lifestyle Medicine

If you are interested in pursuing your passion for Lifestyle Medicine but don’t know where to begin, or what pathway is right for you, watch this webinar to learn more about Fellowship and other educational opportunities available to you.

Why Fellowship?

Fellowship represents the highest level of expertise and peer recognition available to health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. On completion and awarding of Fellowship, Fellows may use the post nominals FASLM in recognition of their expert standing in Lifestyle Medicine.

ASLM Fellowship acknowledges your ongoing commitment to the field of Lifestyle Medicine.

As the highest level of peer recognition available to health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, the ASLM Fellowship acts to honour leading experts in the field, and the contribution/s they have made to its progression.

With Lifestyle Medicine gaining momentum in Australasia and around the world, the ASLM Fellowship represents a steadily-growing community of health professionals passionate about, and dedicated to, Lifestyle Medicine, and the expertise they represent in the field.

Conceptual framework

The ASLM Fellowship is conceptually based on a Masters degree in structure and standard; utilising a model of 1440 nominal learning hours (e.g. 12 tertiary units x 120 nominal learning hours each). Fellowship candidates are therefore required to earn or receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for 1440 points under the Fellowship Framework to be awarded Fellowship and use the post-nominals FASLM.

To understand more download the Fellowship Framework.

Grandparenting period

The introduction of the ASLM Fellowship in March 2016 was accompanied by a grandparenting period, during which time RPL provisions are more generous.

These provisions and requirements were reviewed and amended by the Board on 1 July 2019. Grandparenting under the current provisions is due to end on 30 June 2020.

The Fellowship Framework will again be reviewed by the Board before a fifth and final year of grandparenting is made available from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.


To be eligible to enrol in the ASLM Fellowship program you must be a Full Member of ASLM (see membership requirements here), and have a minimum of three years experience in a discipline applicable to Lifestyle Medicine (e.g. clinician, public health professional, educator or resources).


Fellowship is earned by demonstrating competency in the domains of Lifestyle Medicine from either a clinical, public health, education and/or research perspective. These domains of competency are outlined below, along with the various ways in which Fellowship points can be earned.

  • Foundations/Core Competencies of Lifestyle Medicine (compulsory). This competency can be met by completing either of the following courses:
  • Plus, at least four of :
    • Diet, nutrition and related sciences
    • Physical activity and related sciences
    • Health behaviour change and coaching
    • Social and environmental determinants of health
    • Pathophysiology of chronic disease
    • Public health, prevention and health policy
    • Psychosocial factors in Lifestyle Medicine
      • Emotional and mental health/wellbeing
      • Sleep health and related sciences
      • Positive psychology and connectedness
      • Culture, meaning and identity studies
    • Addictions and related disorders/exposures
    • Self-management of chronic disease
    • Clinical and practice processes/innovation
    • Specific applications of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Tertiary education
  • ASLM/ASLM Partner organisation delivered education/training
  • Third party delivered education/training
  • Authoring/publishing
  • Lecturing/presenting
  • Research, policy-related or clinical project
  • Supervision/mentoring
  • Logged practice
  • Self directed learning
  • Conducting peer review
  • Teaching, course co-ordination
  • Policy development or analysis
  • Other science, research, e.g. PhD

More information on the domains, requirements and how to earn Fellowship points is detailed in the Fellowship Framework Document.


Eligible candidates interested in pursuing Fellowship with ASLM are required to submit a formal RPL application. Upon submission, applicants will be granted 6 month enrolment in the Fellowship program.

Enrolment provides access to the Education Resources area of the ASLM website. This area contains guiding information for candidates enrolled in formal educational pathways offered by ASLM, including Fellowship and Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine. Enrolment also provides access to our Education Coordinator, who can assist you in how to earn Fellowship points.


As a not-for-profit multidisciplinary society, ASLM provides a low-cost pathway to Fellowship which should be accessible to all members. Fees payable to ASLM are nominal and can be broken down into parts.

Cost: $365

This fee covers your initial RPL assessment and first 6 months of Fellowship candidature. This provides you with access to the Education Area of the website and support from the Education Coordinator.

Cost: $165 biannually (ongoing)

After the first 6 months of your Fellowship candidature, a fee of $165 per 6 months applies for ongoing enrolment in the Fellowship. This provides you with ongoing access to the Education Area of the ASLM website and support from the Education Coordinator. 

You can suspend your Fellowship enrolment at any time (this will take effect from the next renewal date). Once Fellowship is obtained, these payments will no longer apply.

Cost: $110 per 120 points (or part thereof)

Fellowship points awarded are charged at a rate of $110 per 120 points, thus bringing points for the full Fellowship (1440 pts) to $1320. This fee supports both the individual Fellowship and the ongoing development of the Fellowship program as a whole.

More information

Our Education Coordinator, Jordhana Clark, is available to answer any further questions you may have about the ASLM Fellowship program.

Please contact our office on 1300 673 643 to speak with her, or email our team at .