ASLM Fellows

The ASLM is proud to recognise the following health professionals who have been awarded Fellowship of the Society.

The ASLM Fellowship is the first fully multidisciplinary fellowship in Australasia, open to all full members of the Society. Being a multidisciplinary fellowship means that it can be seen from a clinical, public health, research, or education perspective.

Fellowship represents the highest level of expertise and peer recognition available to health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine.

The following individuals have been awarded Fellowship of ASLM:


Solange Adad | QLD
Desre Arnold | QLD
Ted Arnold | NSW
David Beard | WA
Cristina Beer | QLD
Amanda Benham | QLD
Jade Berg | NSW
Andrew Binns | NSW
Jenny Brockis | WA
Jille Burns | WA
Esther Bganya| QLD
Tri Tuyen Cao | SA
Heidi Carroll| QLD
Lisa Chiang | QLD
Robyn Chuter | QLD
Martin Clark | QLD
Robyn Elizabeth Cosford | NSW
Roxane Craig | NT
Joshua Crase | VIC
Glen Davies | New Zealand
Aloke De | VIC
Michael Diamond | Scotland
Merlene Dilger | NSW
Mark Donohoe | NSW
Vivienne Doust | NSW
Garry Egger | NSW
Ron Ehrlich | NSW
Margarete Ezinwa | CA, USA
Flavia Fayet-Moore | NSW
Cherelle Fitzclarence | WA
Damian Flanagan | VIC
Martin Flood | SA
Nathan Francis | WA
Jill Gamberg | NSW
Richard Gee | NSW
Herb Giebel | India
Jenny Gunton | NSW
John Gruhn| NSW
Chris Ganora | NSW
Amy Gajjar | NSW
Madeline Gilkes | NSW
Jennifer Graham-Taylor | WA
Ross Grant | NSW
Adrian Griscti | SA
Julie Higgins | NSW
Jonathan Hoar | NSW
Lee Yew Hoong | Malaysia
Jennifer Hunter | ACT
Stephen Jelbart| VIC
Mary Jessop | QLD
Lillian Kent | VIC
Petrea King | NSW
Vicki Kotsirilos | VIC
Daniel Lewis | VIC
Danforn Lim | NSW
Catherine Llewellyn | QLD
Lawrence Loh | ACT
Malcolm Mackay | VIC
Sam Manger | QLD
Kate Marsh | NSW
Simon Matthews | NSW
Tanja McLeish | NSW
Joanna McMillan | NSW
Hayden McRobbie | New Zealand
Isaac Menge | NT
Andrew Morris | ACT
Anna Laurina Mullins | QLD
Stephen Myers | NSW
Darren Morton | NSW
Christabelle Nath | NSW
Hung Nguyen | VIC
Rachel Oommen | VIC
John Padgett | NSW
Sally Padgett | NSW
Denise Powell | QLD
Sally Price | WA
Sue Radd | NSW
Paul Rankin | NSW
Michelle Reiss | NSW
Phillip Rodionoff | QLD
Damian Ryan | NSW
Rhonda Stanton | QLD
Rosemary Stanton | NSW
Patterson Stark | New Zealand
Paul Stevens | VIC
John Stevens | NSW
Graeme Stringer | QLD
Emma Strutt | QLD
John Sykes| NSW
Nadia-Ramona Todoran | SA
Emmanuel Varipatis | NSW
Jon Wardle | NSW
Tracey Weiland | VIC
Caroline West | NSW
Cheryl Dianne Wilson | SA
Keren Witcombe | WA
Priscilla Wong| NSW
Paul Wood | NSW
Michelle Woolhouse | VIC

Honorary Fellows

Felice Jacka | VIC

Kerin O’Dea | VIC

Boyd Swinburn | New Zealand