Maintenance of Certification and Fellowship

ASLM Education · March 11, 2021

Maintenance of Certification

How it works

Most board certifications follow the traditional path of full re-certification every 10 years, requiring you to submit prerequisites, pay for and re-take the exam in full. Because of wide-spread dissatisfaction with this model, the IBLM, with the support of the national certification bodies (ABLM, ACLM, ASLM, BSLM, PCLM etc.) has created an alternate Maintenance of Certification (MOC) pathway to maintaining your Lifestyle Medicine certification via Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CME) instead.

To read all about the MOC program requirements, eligible CPD and important CPD dates, please click here.

Who is this program for?

  • Only those who have passed the Certification exam or are Fellows of the society

How long will this program take?

  • This is an ongoing annual and 5-yearly MOC program. It takes about 6 hours per year, and also requires you to upload evidence of 30 hours of Lifestyle Medicine specific CPD every 5 years.


  • Ongoing access to the course on a subscription basis
  • Access to our Education Manager for advice and assistance
  • Articles and quizzes to read and answer each year (about 6 hours/year)
  • Upload facility for approval of the 5-yearly CPD requirement (coming soon)
  • Online peer group for support and networking
  • Certificates for each year completed (6 hours of CPD/year you can claim elsewhere)
  • Coordination with IBLM to simplify your re-certification

Maintenance of Fellowship

In the future, the same CPD requirements will apply to Fellows of the society. This has not been required to date due to the Fellowship being in its grandparenting period. When announced, there will be a generous phase in period for exisiting Fellows. The good news for those who are both Certified and Fellows, is that the CPD required to maintain Certification and Fellowship is the same.

There will be more information about Maintenance of Fellowship published soon.


For any enquiries related to this course or any other ASLM course, please contact ASLM’s Education Team at  or call +61 03 7020 6996.

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