Dr Darren Morton Holding Live More Happy Book

A new book to Live More Happy

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If you were lucky enough to catch Dr Darren Morton at our recent Lifestyle Medicine conference, you will know how passionate and insightful he is when it comes to Lifestyle Medicine, the brain, and emotional wellbeing.


Dr Darren Morton has recently released his new book Live More Happy, integrating the evidence on neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine to encourage people to lift their mood and wellbeing.1

You may have already heard about this exciting book, as Dr Darren Morton has been passionately promoting its message in the media over the past week.

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What are the key messages?

On Channel 10’s Studio 10, Darren outlined five principles for happiness2:

  1. Motion creates emotion
  2. Blue and green should often be seen (uplifting physical environments)
  3. Together feels better
  4. Feeling follows your focus
  5. Giving is living

In a recent interview, he explained “I believe everyone – I don’t care how young you are, I don’t care how old you are – everyone needs to know what is contained in this book.”3

Find out more about Dr Darren Morton and Live More Happy at www.drdarrenmorton.com.


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