Workplace giving

Bringing your staff together


Workplace giving is gaining popularity as a modern and cost effective way to support your favourite charity in the workplace.  It brings your staff together to collectively support a cause that relates to their professional field or passion; the health of our families, communities and society.

Staff decide how much they would like to donate from their pre-tax salary each fortnight or pay period.  Your paymaster simply collates the donations and makes one payment per pay period.  Set up is easy and is handled transparently by ‘Good2Give‘, previously known as the Charities Aid Foundation.

Please drop us a line if you’d like to set up a ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ workplace giving program in your practice or business.


Other ways you can help

Matched funding

  • Suitable for individuals, organisations or companies willing to match, eg: dollar for dollar, the donations we can generate from the public or from special campaigns, up to a pre-agreed amount.
  • This form of giving is particularly beneficial for organisations wishing to be seen to provide extra leverage to community donations.

Linkage funding

  • Suitable for organisations or companies willing to provide resources, financial and/or in-kind, for specific initiatives to enable us to apply for grants such as ‘ARC Linkage’ where government will match industry contributions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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