Lifestyle Medicine Strategic Roundtable

Key stakeholders come together to drive change

The ASLM Strategic Roundtable is a forum for key individuals and organisations to work together with ASLM to advance health in Australia and New Zealand through public health, research, clinical and community initiatives, practice tools, resources and processes, programs and services, technology, and other initiatives designed to better prevent, treat, manage and reverse disease.

Be part of the solution

ASLM is bringing together values-aligned and mission-aligned individuals and organisations capable of being part of the solution to the current crisis of chronic and lifestyle-related disease, which is essentially driven by societal, environmental, socioeconomic and political factors, not to mention vested interests. The Roundtable will act as both a strategic think-tank as well as an action/outcome-focused coalition of like-minded organisations.

Our collective vision is advancing human health; healthy individuals, a healthy society, an effective healthcare system and a sustainable environment.

Roundtable membership is by invitation only to individuals and organisations that share a common mission to improve health – you will be one of a select group.

Take your seat at the table and join us in a major solutions-focused initiative.

Structured exposure to a qualified audience

Roundtable members will receive a structured annual package of exposure to our members and audience including, as a guide:

  • An initial discussion to establish your expectations of Roundtable membership, and to identify your strategic priorities for the Roundtable agenda
  • A public announcement on commencement (blog post, EDM news item, social media post and if suitable, a press release). We will provide a URL for you to use on your website and communications which shows our support for the partnership
  • Logo placement and link in key locations on our website and selected EDMs for the life of the partnership
  • ‘Lifestyle Medicine Roundtable’ badging for you to use on your website and communications if desired
  • Opportunity to publish original content to our audience at editorial discretion (content must be high quality, educational, non-promotional, and deemed by us to be of interest to our audience)
  • A structured exposure cycle via our EDM and social media – editorial discretion as to suitability and timing of content for our audience applies
  • Specific exposure as a Roundtable member at the annual Lifestyle Medicine conferences and other ASLM activities
  • The opportunity for ‘naming rights’ of initiatives, scholarships and awards by additionally funding the scholarship or award

Shared strategic direction and planning

The Roundtable aims to meet four times a year (twice by Zoom, and twice face-to-face) where opportunities, challenges, strategic direction and initiatives can be discussed and planned with other partners and with ASLM’s leadership. Communication also occurs throughout the year via email correspondence and the group forum.

In addition to initiatives brought to the table by Roundtable members, the Roundtable agenda will select and address specific questions and challenges in each 12-month period, expected to result in the publication of articles, HCP educational materials and even journal articles and white papers in conjunction with the ASLM working parties agendas.

By way of example, specific Roundtable agenda questions and challenges may include:

  • How to better advocate for, coordinate and utilise science, research and technology in disease prevention, management and treatment.
  • How to better engage and empower health consumers in self-management of their health and both consumers and providers in co-designed, patient-centred partnerships.
  • How to better promote, educate and communicate the common ground consensus in nutrition science – that is, more whole foods, vegetables and fruit, less processed foods and less added sugars.
  • How to better advocate for reduced industry influence, vested interest and to address upstream societal and environmental drivers of obesity and chronic disease.


Roundtable members will also receive the following:

  • Two complimentary main conference registrations (excluding the Pre-conference Workshops and the Gala Conference Dinner & Dance – which can be added if desired) to the annual Lifestyle Medicine conference, which you can use for your team or gift to your clients.  Valued at $770-990 each registration.
  • Two registrations to each of the two face-to-face roundtable events per year, at which you will hear from experts, network with other partners and consult with ASLM leadership.  Valued at $495 for each registration/event.

Roundtable meeting dates for 2020/21

  • Thursday 14 May – Full day face-to-face inaugural meeting prior to the Melbourne conference:
    • 9am-12.30pm AEST – Half day Roundtable meeting (Zoom attendance available)
    • 1pm-5.30pm AEST- Leadership masterclass with Coach Margaret Moore (Wellcoaches USA)
  • Tuesday 18 August – Zoom meeting 9.30am AEST, 11.30am NZ (2 hours duration)
  • Friday 13 November  – Full day face-to-face meeting prior to the NZ symposium (location tba)
    • 9am-12.30pm NZDT – Half day Roundtable meeting (Zoom attendance available) (7am-10.30am AEDT)
    • 1pm-5.30pm NZDT- Communication masterclass (details tba)
  • Tuesday 16 February 2021 – Zoom meeting 9.30am AEDT, 11.30am NZ (2 hours duration)


The cost of Roundtable membership is a flat rate of $4,950 inc. GST p.a., which is calculated to cover the costs of providing the service and inclusions only. Roundtable membership is by invitation of the Board. Organisations or individuals invited to join the Roundtable must first be members of the Society.

To find out more about the Lifestyle Medicine Strategic Roundtable, contact