Webinar Series: Health Coaching – How to be more effective in time-limited consultations


Would you like to be more efficient in your consults with clients who have lifestyle related conditions?
Do you want to know how to help clients adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours and habits?
Do you struggle with clients who just don’t seem to want to change?

In this two-part webinar series, hosted by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain, you’ll gain tips for moving clients from “stuck” and into “action.” You’ll learn how to adapt your approach with precontemplative clients, and help them find the motivation to  change their behaviour. You’ll learn about unhelpful communication roadblocks, and what to do instead. 

Shivaun and Sharon, HCANZA-accredited Health Coaches and Dietitians, know the challenges health professionals face, as well as the simple changes that make a huge difference to client engagement, motivation and action. With live demonstrations of the coaching skills in these webinars, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the power of health coaching in your practice. Plus, health coaching makes us more efficient and effective in the work we do. 

At the end of this webinar series you’ll have tools in your lifestyle prescription tool kit to help you efficiently and effectively support your clients to begin to adopt healthier lifestyles. Additionally, attendees will get discounts for certain Health Coaching courses through Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

Learning outcomes:

  • Health coaching approaches 
  • Effectively communicating with clients/patients 
  • Principles of motivation and behaviour change 
  • Setting a client up for long-term success 

All webinar attendees will be sent an electronic Certificate of Attendance for CPD purposes. Each webinar in this series will be approximately 1 hour in length.

The views expressed and information shared in this episode are independent of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). They do not necessarily reflect the position of ASLM. For further information on ASLM’s position, please review our position statements.

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