Webinar: Diets for cardiovascular health


What does the latest science say about diets for cardiovascular disease risk reduction? Why is important to look at the whole diet instead of individual foods and nutrients? In this live webinar, Lily Henderson and Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos will discuss the latest on diets for cardiovascular health. Lily will cover different dietary patterns and the features of a cardioprotective eating pattern, and Catherine will take a deeper diver into the research on the Mediterranean Diet and its application. The session will focus on practical strategies to help you support your patients to manage their risk.

We will allow for up to 30 minutes for questions and discussion after the presentations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Compare different diets for cardiovascular disease risk reduction
  • Features of a cardioprotective dietary pattern
  • Understand the Mediterranean Diet and how to make it relevant to NZ/Australian context
  • Learn practical ways to support patients to include more budget-friendly heart-healthy foods

All webinar attendees will be sent an electronic Certificate of Attendance for CPD purposes. This webinar will be approximately 1.5 hours in length.

The views expressed and information shared in this episode are independent of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). They do not necessarily reflect the position of ASLM. For further information on ASLM’s position, please review our position statements.

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