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New Zealand Chapter

Kia ora koutou katoa.

Led by ASLM’s first New Zealand-resident board member, Dr Glen Davies of Taupo Medical Centre, this multidisciplinary working party of dedicated health professionals is enthusiastically assisting the ASLM Board develop the future of Lifestyle Medicine in New Zealand.

In fact, the Kiwis have said that ASLM’s NZ membership base could overtake the Australian membership numbers very quickly.  It sounds like a very welcome traditional trans-Tasman challenge to us!

We’re delighted to announce ASLM’s New Zealand Chapter and the people behind it.


Prof Boyd Swinburn

Prof Boyd Swinburn, MBChB, MD, FRACP, FNZCPHM

Boyd Swinburn is Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health at the University of Auckland and Alfred Deakin Professor with the Global Obesity Centre, Deakin University, Melbourne. He is also Co-Chair of World Obesity Policy & Prevention section (formerly International Obesity Task Force).

He trained as an endocrinologist and has conducted research in metabolic, clinical and public health aspects of obesity. His major research interests are centred on community and policy actions to prevent childhood and adolescent obesity, and reduce, what he has coined, ‘obesogenic’ environments. He is currently leading an initiative ( to monitor and benchmark food environments internationally.

He has over 350 publications related to obesity, established WHO’s first Collaborating Centre on Obesity Prevention at Deakin University in 2003, led two Lancet Series on Obesity and co-chairs the Lancet Commission on Obesity. He has been an advisor on many government committees, WHO Consultations, and large scientific studies internationally. More

“I’m delighted to accept this honorary appointment. I strongly support the work of the society to promote a multidisciplinary, whole system approach to the chronic and lifestyle-related disease problem. The society is of course a testimony to the pioneering work of Prof Garry Egger, amongst others, bringing much needed attention to the social and environmental drivers of disease.” – Prof Boyd Swinburn

Chapter working party

Dr Glen Davies, MBChB, Dip Obst, FRNZCGP PhD

Dr Glen Davies was born in Wellington, New Zealand and trained at the Otago Medical School, 1984 to 1989. He worked as a house surgeon in Tauranga Hospital before he and his wife ventured to Papua New Guinea to work in a Mission Hospital for two years. During that time, he covered the state of emergency created by the Rabal volcanic eruption in 1994. Since then, he has spent time establishing himself in General Practice in Taupo, New Zealand and developed a passion for Lifestyle Medicine. Outside of his practice, he is a multisport and outdoor adventure enthusiast and a father to two children.

Angela Berrill

Angela Berrill, NZRD, PGDipDiet, BCApSc, BCom

A well-respected registered dietitian and nutrition expert, Angela Berrill is the owner and director of ABC Nutrition, a private practice and nutrition consultancy business in Auckland. Angela was the National Nutrition Advisor at the Heart Foundation of New Zealand from 2015 – 2017.

Angela is passionate about educating the public on the importance of diet and is regularly called upon to share her expertise and opinions by the media.

Dr Chris Masters

Dr Chris Masters MBChB, Dip Obst (Otago) FRNZCGP

Dr Chris Masters is a general practitioner, in practice since 1997. He is the clinical director or Primary and Integrated Care at Hutt Valley District Health Board and partner at Ropata Medical Centre in Lower Hutt New Zealand. Chris’ clinical interests focusing on prevention and screening in his Primary Health care setting, and working on quality improvement and clinical governance, as well as using new technologies to integrate health systems. Since 2012 he has been the Medical Director of Melon Health, a company that develops programmes to support prevention and self-management of chronic health conditions.

Mary Cavanagh

Mary Cavanagh, MA(Psych) (Hons)

Mary Cavanagh has an MA in Psychology from the University of Auckland and has worked in the health sector for the last 17 years in various capacities including research, project management, service delivery and quality improvement initiatives. Mary’s focus right now is on delivering the Healthy Start Workforce Project on behalf of the NZ Ministry of Health as well as supporting the launch of ASLMs New Zealand chapter! Based at the Liggins Institute in Auckland, the Healthy Start project supports nurses, midwives, GPs, and other health practitioners in their roles as agents of change supporting clients and patients to make lifestyle behaviour changes in order to reduce and prevent non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. We recognise that in order for health practitioners to effectively support lifestyle behaviour change for their patients, the practitioners delivering those services need support themselves by way of strengthening their knowledge base about the science underlying why this is so important and also with practical skills training in how to most effectively deliver behaviour change support to clients. So the Healthy Start project offers 3 key areas of support: 1) An online education programme that explores and explains the science underlying why good nutrition and physical activity are so important for life long health and particularly in the first 1000 days if life; 2) Healthy Conversation Skills, a 1-day workshop that develops practical skills and strategies for how to more effectively support patients to make lifestyle behaviour changes such as improve nutrition and physical activity or any health related lifestyle behaviour; 3) a website and social media platform that provide practitioners with a reliable and engaging source of news and emerging evidence in the field of early-years research and an opportunity to engage with other practitioners on these topics.

Peter Bowden

Dr Peter Bowden

Peter qualified in 1982 from Auckland Medical School and has spent the last 25 years in an inner city group practice. He was heir to the pharmaceutical revolution in medicine in the 1950’s and 60’s and it’s evident short comings in the 1980’s and beyond. The growing numbers of people struggling with chronic disease and the fallout from leading busy, stressful lives present a real challenge to the primary care team.

He is passionate about developing a general practice team equipped with knowledge and skills to make effective interventions for patients to meet this challenge. He has a particular interest in mindfulness and behavioural change. He sees the lifestyle movement as providing crucial resources for primary care. He is married to Sarah and they have 3 adult children

Dr Luke Wilson

Dr Luke Wilson, MBChB, BA, MSc.

Dr Luke Wilson is from Wellington, New Zealand, and is Board Certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In his final year of medical school, he studied and worked in Santa Rosa, California, as an intern for Dr John McDougall at the McDougall Health and Medical Center and also alongside Dr Michael Klaper and Dr Alan Goldhamer at the True North Health Center.

After graduation, he worked at Gisborne Hospital and subsequently was co-lead researcher and creator of a community-based lifestyle intervention using whole foods plant-based nutrition. Luke founded Two Zesty Bananas with colleague Dr Matthew Hobbs in 2014. Since then he has co-authored The 21st Century Food Course, completed the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, worked part-time as a general practitioner, and spoken at events in New Zealand and Australia. He has experience helping hundreds of people transform their lives by adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

Sarah Bowden

Sarah Bowden, Practice Manager

Sarah Bowden works as a practice manager in a 7 doctor practice in Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ. She is committed to providing a context where patients and staff are supported in making lifestyle changes that increase their enjoyment and creativity. Sarah is married to Peter and they have 3 adult children.

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