Organisation Membership

ASLM is pleased to offer the opportunity for organisations (businesses, companies, organisations, groups and associations) to publicly and practically support our work to improve the health of Australians and New Zealanders through better prevention, management and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions.

By joining ASLM, your organisation will be supporting a rapidly growing global movement for change in health and healthcare, responding to the most pressing social issues of our time!

As a registered health promotion charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Type 1 (DGR1) status, ASLM receives no government funding and relies on it’s own efforts to raise funds through membership, education and training, board certification, fellowship, conference, sponsorship, donations, grants and philanthropy.

Yet the work we do has a profound social impact. Our work includes influencing health policy and promoting prevention, educating and training practitioners in Lifestyle Medicine, and of course, empowering members of the public to proactively manage their own health. You can explore some of the ways we are doing this here.

If your organisation would like to help advance this movement and be shown as a supporter of Lifestyle Medicine in Australasia, we invite you to join us now as an Organisation Member.

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Demonstrate your support

Show your support for Lifestyle Medicine and ASLM, the peak body in the field:

  • The field of Lifestyle Medicine is growing exponentially – not just in Australia and New Zealand, but around the world
  • Lifestyle Medicine has enormous goodwill – it is seen as a comprehensive whole system approach to prevention and treatment of chronic and lifestyle-related disease and also as a movement for change
  • ASLM is a world-leader in the field and is actively working internationally to help shape the discipline and our collective response to the behavioural, societal and environmental drivers of poor health and disease
  • ASLM consults in numerous stakeholder groups, for example, the Obesity Policy Coalition in Australia and the Health Coalition Aotearoa in New Zealand
  • ASLM communicates regularly to it’s rapidly growing audience of stakeholders, members, website visitors, newsletter subscribers and social media followers

Benefits of membership

Organisation members receive the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement, logo and link on the Organisation Members page of our website (coming)
  • Inclusion in our stakeholder mailing list and the opportunity to participate in initiatives and activities conducted by ASLM
  • Two individual ASLM memberships for your team, subject to membership criteria
    • This enables access to the members section of the ASLM website and member community and to any other individual member benefits
    • Coupon codes are provided for the included memberships so that the credits can be used to extend existing memberships if desired
    • Additional individual memberships for more team members can be added at 20% off the usual price
  • Up to 20% of your organisation membership fee can be applied towards the cost of sponsoring/exhibiting at the annual Lifestyle Medicine Conference, Lifestyle Medicine Endorsement or the Lifestyle Medicine Strategic Roundtable, if applicable.


Organisation members are specifically requested to assist us with the following from our aims and objectives:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the principles and applications of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Encourage more health professionals to engage with and practice Lifestyle Medicine
  • Support research efforts and the application of translational research in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities, organisations and society in general

In return we specifically consult and communicate with our Organisation Members as a first priority. If you want to be part of this information loop, and your organisation is keen to pledge support to Lifestyle Medicine, we want you!


The membership fee for organisations is on a sliding scale based on turnover in the previous financial year – as an approximation of organisational resources and ability to contribute.

Turnover based membership fee (inc GST):

  • $50 million+ $9,460
  • $20 million+ $6,820
  • $10 million+ $4,950
  • $5 million+ $3,520
  • $2 million+ $1,980
  • $1 million+ $1,320
  • $500,000+ $990
  • Minimum $770

You can self-assess the appropriate fee when joining based on the previous year’s turnover. Please note that as for individual memberships, your Organisation Membership remains subject to Board approval at all times – you’ll only hear from us if the membership is not approved, usually within 5 working days of application.

NB. If you are already an individual member, please log out of your own ASLM account before applying for an organisation membership because the organisation membership requires a separate account.  The email address used to apply for the organisation membership should not be the same as your individual email address.  The application is straight forward and only takes a couple of minutes.

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