Change, where it matters most

A global burden with a local impact

Chronic conditions are responsible for around 70% of deaths worldwide. In Australia, most visits to a GP are now for chronic and lifestyle-related conditions.

Preventable and often reversible

Chronic conditions are largely preventable, treatable and often reversible. In fact, Lifestyle Medicine can prevent up to 80% of chronic diseases.

Sick societies create sick people

But our ‘lifestyle choices’ are a product of our society and environment. We have the power to change this starting where it matters most, in our local communities.

Local knowledge, expert guidance

Local communities have local needs. They also have expert knowledge and understanding of the barriers and challenges to improving health and wellbeing in their area. It makes sense for communities to drive change, to address their own socioeconomic, racial, cultural and linguistic uniqueness in ways that work in their area.

Yet many communities will have challenges in common, which is where Lifestyle Medicine Locals will provide structure, resources and support to help communities jump start their local activity guided by expert medical and public health knowledge.

Child and parent with baseball

Roadmap to healthier communities


Create the framework for promoting thriving healthy communities, the desired outcomes and methods for measuring success.


Partner with local councils, regional and community groups and identify potential leaders.


Educate and empower communities, families and individuals to take charge of their own health.


Measure and report on outcomes, re-iterate for continuous quality improvement.


Roll out the program to more communities with a view to it becoming self-sustaining.

Who will benefit

Beneficiaries of Lifestyle Medicine Locals will be individuals, families, neighbourhoods and whole communities across Australia and New Zealand.

If you share our dream of vibrant communities that support and empower individuals and families to live healthier and happier lives, we invite you to support our newest and potentially most impactful initiative.

We are currently seed funding this large scale project. That means developing the framework, hiring key personel, forming partnerships, recruiting communities and local champions through to piloting the initiative and evaluating its success, it’s clear that there is a lot of work to be done!

Planting on a wall

What will Lifestyle Medicine Locals look like?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to how these locals could look. That’s because our communities are as unique as the people who comprise them.

From ‘Town Hall Talks’ to community centre and local library meetings, Facebook groups, personal lifestyle change action groups, community gardens and urban farms, healthy eating and cooking programs, walking and physical activity groups, weight loss groups, type 2 diabetes management groups, meditation classes and stress management programs, community engagement and social isolation programs, cultural inclusion programs, environmental responsibility programs, peer to peer support structures and health coaching services, there is no end to what a Lifestyle Medicine Local can decide to do in a local area.

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