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Lifestyle Medicine Education (LMEd)

Establishing Lifestyle Medicine as standard best practice in prevention and healthcare

The Lifestyle Medicine Education (LMEd) project ultimately aims to ensure that all practitioners, whether medical or allied health, receive education in Lifestyle Medicine.

Specifically, the LMEd project involves the development of modules of practical Lifestyle Medicine education, and high-level advocacy for this education to be included in the curricula of undergraduate degrees, registrar training, and other clinical placements and training. To achieve this objective, ASLM has employed a Project Officer, established a LMEd Working Party, and formed an Expert Advisory Panel with representatives from key organisations, to oversee the development of a curriculum, multimedia education content, and a modern social learning platform.

By supporting this initiative, you will be assisting in the establishment of Lifestyle Medicine as standard best-practice in prevention and healthcare.

More about education pathways in Lifestyle Medicine.

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