Multidisciplinary Engagement and Advocacy (LMMe)

Multidisciplinary engagement and advocacy (LMMe)

Promoting cross-discipline engagement with Lifestyle Medicine

The Multidisciplinary Engagement and Advocacy (LMMe) project has been designed to promote engagement with, and uptake of, Lifestyle Medicine amongst the medical and allied health disciplines that are central to the delivery of primary health care.

Why? We envision a health system in which prevention is paramount, and addressing the cause is central to clinical practice. This requires all practitioners involved in delivering care to have an understanding of Lifestyle Medicine, and to work together more effectively to intervene, manage and support patients to address the behavioural, social and environmental ’causes’ of their presentations.

The LMMe working party will engage with each profession to build a visible and meaningful presence for Lifestyle Medicine in their discipline, specifically in relation to joint projects, shared strategic objectives and coordinated communications and resources.

The working party will also advocate for the role of Lifestyle Medicine in the medical and allied health professions and primary care in general. This will involve specific campaigns to promote engagement by policy makers and health professionals, and providing information to the public.

Supporting this project will help us ensure that Lifestyle Medicine is seen as relevant and complementary to each discipline and will see ASLM working more closely on strategic initiatives with organisations like APNA, DAA and NSA, ESSA, APS and ADEA.

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