Leading Change: Lifestyle Medicine in the Anthropocene Online Summit

Editor · July 29, 2020

Online summit overview

Leading Change: Lifestyle Medicine in the Anthropocene was held on 16-17 May 2020, and saw over 50 world-class presenters and panelists from across the globe coming together to present on systems thinking, social change, lifestyle change, innovation, empathy and compassion for a new world.

There were keynotes, panel discussions, interviews and commentary on a diverse range of topics central to health and wellbeing, system change, health behaviour change, innovation in clinical practice, community programs and health policy, empathy, compassion and more!

Who is this online summit for

  • Medical practitioners, allied health practitioners, practice nurses and other practice personnel

Topics covered in this online summit

  • Diet & nutrition – nutritional science and dietary approaches
  • Brain health – neuroscience, cognition, mental health and positive psychology
  • Social health – public health, social determinants, health equity and the big picture
  • Lifestyle change – primary care and community lifestyle change interventions
  • Leadership – transformational leadership and leadership in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Physical activity – movement, inflammation and ageing
  • Health coaching – health coaching science and application
  • Education – education and training in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Mind body – mind body connection, psychoneuroimmunology
  • Empathy & placebo – empathy, compassion and the placebo response
  • Lifestyle Medicine & practice – Lifestyle Medicine, practice processes


  • 3 years access to the online summit
  • Around 30 hours of content
  • Certificate of Attendance for CPD purposes


Jordhana Clark – Education and Engagement Manager

BHSc (Nat), AdvDip (YT)

Lisa Brownbill – Education and Membership Services Officer

BVA, BEd(Sec)

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