The GP Show - What is Lifestyle Medicine? with Dr Sam Manger and Dr Edwin Kruys

What is Lifestyle Medicine? [The GP Show]


The GP Show is a free, innovative podcast for medical doctors and allied health professionals, launched in August 2017 by GP, Medical Educator, and ASLM President, Dr Sam Manger.

On 17 January, The GP Show took a unique turn, with Dr Sam Manger being interviewed himself by GP, blogger and podcaster, Dr Edwin Kruys. They discuss the movement and discipline of Lifestyle Medicine, why it’s important for General Practitioners, and the strength of interdisciplinary care.

“85% of disease burden is now chronic disease, 50% of Australians have one, 25% have two or more, 50% of Australians over the age of 65 are on five or more medications.
Diabetes is going to triple, Alzheimer’s is going to triple, obesity is going to be 80% of the population by 2025, yet we know that the vast majority of these are preventable with lifestyle change.”
Dr Sam Manger

Specifically, they cover questions such as:

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine?
  • Is Lifestyle Medicine evidence based?
  • Is it alternative medicine?
  • How do we get it practiced more widely?
  • What are some tips and resources?

The full podcast can be accessed for free listening here.