Weight conversations and changing the perspective on obesity

Obesity is an important societal topic that is misunderstood and often oversimplified in communications. In the ten years to 2018, the number of adults in Australia living with obesity more than doubled. Our efforts haven’t been working. However, there are strong social, genetic, biological, and environmental influences to consider besides the more commonly discussed factors that influence obesity rates. Weight stigma, biases, and discrimination result from an oversimplified view of obesity as a simple personal choice. Additionally, stigma around obesity is correlated with considerable physical and mental health consequences.

Held live on 28 September 2022, this webinar unpacks the complexities and science of obesity and implications for conversations on weight management.

All webinar attendees will be sent an electronic Certificate of Attendance for CPD purposes.

Watch this webinar if you are:

  • Interested in personal and professional development
  • Working with people with obesity or who are overweight
  • Wanting to dive deeper into stigmas, mental health implications, and additional factors influencing common chronic diseases

Webinar recording

About the presenters

Tiffany Petre

Tiffany Petre
(Webinar Presenter)

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