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Free online orientation to virtual and/or face-to-face SMAs for primary care practitioners

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) are an example of the sort of innovation required in clinical practice to better manage and treat chronic and lifestyle-related conditions, along with a host of other applications. ASLM has been leading the development of SMAs as an innovative clinical process for some years now, having piloted SMAs initially in partnership with the RACGP, and more recently in partnership with a number of Primary Health Networks with specific programs for type 2 diabetes, overweight & obesity, chronic pain and smoking cessation (Programmed SMAs or pSMAs) and for general chronic disease management as before.

Most recently, the need to maintain continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions during the coronavirus pandemic has seen ‘Virtual SMAs’ (vSMAs) successfully trialled. In conjunction with the rapid increase in the availability of Telehealth items via the MBS, there is no better time to find out more about conducting SMAs, vSMAs and programmed SMAs (pSMAs) in your practice.

This MJA Insight article by Prof Garry Egger, A/Prof John Stevens, Dr Kean-Seng Lim and Christine Tuuetoka, discusses in more detail the introduction of online SMAs in response to COVID-19.

What’s covered?

This webinar was held live on Thursday 7 May 2020 and provided an insight into the role of SMAs, pSMAs, and virtual SMAs in chronic disease management and care. Hear from Prof Garry Egger, A/Prof John Stevens and other healthcare practitioners who are implementing these in their clinic practice.

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We apologise that due to a technical issue during the live webinar recording, unfortunately the last 14 minutes of the webinar was not captured. If you are interested in exploring the different pathways through which students can learn more about Lifestyle Medicine and get involved in the ASLM student movement for change, please visit our student movement homepage.

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