The Truth About Food: New book by Dr David L. Katz

Founder and President of the True Health Initiative, and one of the worlds’ leading authorities on Lifestyle Medicine, health promotion and the prevention of chronic disease, Dr David Katz, has recently published a new book; The Truth About Food.

The Truth About Food explores what we know about diet and health, and importantly, why we know it; empowering readers to differentiate between the truths and falsehoods of food and nutrition, and keep up with new findings.

Remaining diligent in checking facts about food and nutrition, and ensuring they come from a true evidence-base, is especially important today, with countless fables and fads abound.

Based on science, sense and the global consensus of leading experts, The Truth About Food offers insight into the world of nutrition, and the confidence of genuine understanding.

“Dr. David L. Katz helps insulate us from the next food fad by making sure we are armed with the truth, and nothing but the truth. Facts do matter, and The Truth About Food is full of them. The Truth about Food should have a home in everyone’s kitchen.”
Sanjay Gupta, MD

The Truth About Food is now available for purchase as an e-book for $9.99 at Amazon. All proceeds support the True Health Initiative.