The world renowned Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is celebrating 30 years by launching into the online space in Australia and New Zealand! A twelve month trial has demonstrated the efficacy of CHIP online and opens the exciting opportunity for anyone, anywhere (with an internet connection) to participate in the CHIP experience to prevent, arrest and reverse chronic disease.

Complete Health Improvement Program logoCHIP has come a long way in thirty years! Dr Hans Diehl, Clinical Professor of Preventative Medicine at Loma Linda University, ‘birthed’ CHIP in Creston, Canada in 1988 by running a 30 day community lifestyle intervention program. In 1997 Dr Diehl’s presentations were captured on camera, enabling wider dissemination of CHIP; finally reaching the shores of New Zealand and Australia in 2005. Refreshed and updated in 2013, Dr Diehl, Dr Andrea Avery and Dr Darren Morton, bringing a unique Australian ‘flavour’, lead participants on an educational and engaging journey to a healthy new lifestyle! Dr Paul Rankin, his own health transformed by CHIP, heads up the administration of CHIP in the Australasian region and has trained approximately one thousand facilitators in local communities around the globe, along with spearheading the brand new opportunity to engage in CHIP Online from the comfort of home.

CHIP Online overcomes barriers of time, geography, transport, shift work, parenting and more. Participants can enjoy learning at their fingertips – watch evidence-based engaging video presentations, access mini-quizzes, enjoy facilitated group support and complete personal online Health Risk Assessments without even walking out the front door!

What’s Involved?

CHIP Online includes regular ‘live’ online discussion meetings! ‘Live’ discussions are led by a trained lifestyle medicine facilitator using the web application “Zoom”. Zoom is simple to use and participants can access the meetings on most devices such as smart-phones, iPads and computers. ‘Live’ sessions are recorded so that if participants cannot attend they can simply catch up later – one need never miss out again! Getting together after watching each video and discussing it in a virtual meeting room is a highlight for many who attend and an important source of support.

In a nutshell, the CHIP Online program includes 19 sessions over 13 weeks with ‘live’ online discussion meetings available for every session.

Complete Health Improvement Program Contents

For only $299 CHIP Online includes:

  • 2 Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments
  • Access to all CHIP video presentations
  • Online mini-quizzes (for your reference only)
  • ‘Live’ online discussion group for every session
  • Access to a secret CHIP Online Facebook group
  • A CHIP Kit that includes:

1 x ‘Learn More’ textbook, 1 x ‘Live More’ workbook, 1x ‘Eat More’ cookbook, 1 x Pedometer, 1 x Travel water bottle

If you’re interested in taking up the challenge yourself, or wanting to share this opportunity with a client, patient or friend who may benefit from the CHIP experience, find out more or register by clicking here.

Alternatively, email the CHIP Online facilitator directly at

How has the program helped others?

“Just got my latest blood results. My GP was gobsmacked. There was a dramatic reduction in my cholesterol. Her response, I would only expect to see this kind of results on people taking cholesterol lowering meds! My cholesterol/HDL ratio is now normal my LDL levels are now normal, my triglycerides now normal. My liver function tests improving. Overall, I’m extremely pleased.” —Glynnis J

“In just over 4 weeks I am no longer constantly tired, sufferings sugar cravings or coffee.  My BP & BSL have both significantly improved & I’m losing weight too.  I am ecstatic with the improvements & cannot imagine living life without my CHIP Journey to improved health so would recommend it to everyone”— Cheryl H

“Although weight loss is not a primary reason for CHIP, I have lost both weight and inches from my belly, and feel better for the increased fitness levels. Also, my feet used to be almost constantly sore – now they hardly ever cause me problems!” — Greg T

Article originally prepared by Melanie Renfrew