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11 10, 2017

Obesity Prevention Consensus: 8 action areas to address obesity in Australia

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“Australia’s health, wellbeing and productivity are being threatened by an epidemic of weight-related illness”1. The Obesity Prevention Consensus have just released a report outlining eight key action items to help address obesity in Australia.

According to the Obesity Prevention Coalition, the economic burdens posed by weight-related illnesses have exceeded that of tobacco related illness1. Approximately 63.4% […]

27 06, 2017

Is the link between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes as causal as is often presumed?

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Causality is a difficult concept in chronic disease. Rarely is it as simply explained as Koch’s Postulates was able to do with acute disease.

Attempts to assign a ‘linear’ relationship (i.e. presence of risk = development of disease) to chronic diseases often fall short of a comprehensive causal explanation vis. ‘diet’ as a singular cause of […]