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19 03, 2019

ASLM and the Wilson Foundation partner to deliver evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine guidelines for mental health and chronic disease

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The Australasian of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is delighted to announce their recent partnership with the Wilson Foundation.

Mental illness is an increasing major public health concern. The General Practice: Health of the Nation Report 2018, found that mental health issues remain the most common single reason patients visit their GP and account for […]

14 03, 2019

Managing low back pain using a holistic lifestyle approach

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“I just bent down to pick up a piece of paper and my back went”

“I just felt my back twinge while I was walking and now it hurts all the time”

“It just went into spasm while I was lifting a shopping bag into the car”

“I just woke up with pain in my back”

These are all […]

8 03, 2019

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…

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A Chinese proverb states, “Sometimes your happiness is the cause of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the cause of your happiness.” Intriguingly, studies have actually shown that “facial feedback1” is a real phenomenon and the act of smiling does increase positive affect! What the proverb intuitively hints at is what we do with […]

28 02, 2019

Ode to Lifestyle Medicine and the people and principles that make it so

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It occurs to me I have not written as much as I should, and for that I am sorry. Fortunately for me, this is a blog and not a research paper, so I can relax a little in my style and more freely speak my natural tongue at this late hour. My two children are […]

12 02, 2019

Postgraduate courses in Lifestyle Medicine: Study online with Avondale College

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Do you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Lifestyle Medicine, and develop the necessary skills to apply Lifestyle Medicine principles for the management and treatment of chronic diseases in clinical and community settings?

Avondale College of Higher Education is the only Australian institution that offers tertiary pathways in Lifestyle Medicine. What’s more, […]

30 01, 2019

Reinventing the wheel for chronic disease management

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Move more, eat less.

We have all heard it before. These health messages have been widely propagated but have proven to be quite ineffective1. As practitioners, we keep preaching to patients’ things they already know, and then bang our heads against the wall when they haven’t done as we advise. And we wonder […]

19 12, 2018

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine becomes organisational member of the True Health Initiative [Media Release]

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On 19 December 2018, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine officially joined the True Health Initiative (THI), a global voice for Lifestyle Medicine.

THI exists to make the fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating, common knowledge; shifting the global understanding of practices that most likely help people live longer and envision […]

6 12, 2018

Lifestyle Medicine and professional practice

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Most current research identified that diseases of lifestyle are the most prevalent in our society in recent years; much needs to be done to stem the flow of consequences from this generation’s current lifestyle and protect the next generation. The most trusted individuals in the health equation are doctors and nurses1. Effectively using […]

29 11, 2018

Are our lack of cooking skills at the root cause of lifestyle diseases?

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In my clinical practice and through my interactions with social and occupational groups, I have observed a growing number of people who don’t know how to cook and a decreasing value placed on a good “home cooked” meal. People are often reaching for convenience foods, take aways, frozen meals and pre-packaged foods rather than preparing […]