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19 12, 2018

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine becomes organisational member of the True Health Initiative [Media Release]

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On 19 December 2018, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine officially joined the True Health Initiative (THI), a global voice for Lifestyle Medicine.

THI exists to make the fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating, common knowledge; shifting the global understanding of practices that most likely help people live longer and envision […]

6 12, 2018

Lifestyle Medicine and professional practice

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Most current research identified that diseases of lifestyle are the most prevalent in our society in recent years; much needs to be done to stem the flow of consequences from this generation’s current lifestyle and protect the next generation. The most trusted individuals in the health equation are doctors and nurses1. Effectively using […]

29 11, 2018

Are our lack of cooking skills at the root cause of lifestyle diseases?

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In my clinical practice and through my interactions with social and occupational groups, I have observed a growing number of people who don’t know how to cook and a decreasing value placed on a good “home cooked” meal. People are often reaching for convenience foods, take aways, frozen meals and pre-packaged foods rather than preparing […]

14 11, 2018

The global impact of Lifestyle Medicine and what it means for you

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A small contingent of delegates from Australia and New Zealand recently joined 1200 attendees from 35 countries at the largest ever conference of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) in Indianapolis.

Three weeks later, a much smaller gathering of 130 delegates from around 30 countries met in Geneva to convene the very […]

26 10, 2018

What is Lifestyle Medicine and how do I get it from my GP?

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For many centuries medical treatment has been sought mostly for “acute” problems – acute means an illness with trauma, pain, fever, or infection which requires an immediate diagnosis and treatment. Once correctly treated, usually with medication or surgery, most acute illnesses will resolve, with return to normal functioning in a short period of time.

Now, for […]

18 10, 2018

Plant-based diets as therapy: Do they work, and if so, why?

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The aim of this article is to present evidence for the use of plant-based diets as therapy, so that practitioners can appreciate the value of adding plant-based dietary therapy to their Lifestyle Medicine toolkit and offering this as an alternative or adjunct to other medical treatment.  

Back in the early 1990’s, when I […]

9 10, 2018

How Lifestyle Medicine addresses weight stigma: World Obesity Day 2018

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[Image courtesy of the World Obesity Federation]

Launched in 2015, World Obesity Day aims to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to reverse the obesity epidemic currently facing our health system.

In 2018, the campaign is focused on raising awareness about the […]

1 10, 2018

Lifestyle Medicine strategies to enhance sleep

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Sleep has a number of health benefits, including memory and learning1. Lack of sleep impairs judgement, impacts longevity and safety, and increases the risk of a number of diseases including obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, mood disorders and impaired immune function1.

A recent report found that four in 10 Australians frequently suffered from inadequate sleep2. Sleep […]

26 09, 2018

Managing lifestyle health changes with a depressed, anxious or stressed client

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It’s not uncommon for those seeking to make health behaviour changes like losing weight, increasing activity and exercise, modifying diet or reducing alcohol consumption, to be simultaneously managing psychological health and wellbeing issues.

In fact, very often, our clients have become caught in a circular pattern which threatens to pull them into deep water, much like […]