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6 04, 2018

Fit For Your Life

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15 May 2018, Sydney – Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh, MD, FRACP presents the first in a series of practical, evidence-based workshops for physicians and other healthcare professionals on the integration of exercise in the clinical setting for the prevention and management of chronic disease. This workshop will provide the rationale for the use of exercise […]

17 11, 2017

Dr Joanna McMillan and Dr Caroline West on Catalyst

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If you’re an avid fan of Catalyst, you may already be aware that two of our colleagues, Dr Joanna McMillan and Dr Caroline West recently featured on some of their episodes.

Dr Caroline West, one of Australia’s leading Media Doctors and Past President of ASLM explored ‘How to Exercise Better[…]

9 10, 2017

Exercise can make cells healthier, promoting longer life, study finds

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Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, swimming or rowing, it’s been well-known since ancient times that doing some form of aerobic exercise is essential to good health and well-being. You can lose weight, sleep better, fight stress and high blood pressure… Read more.

16 08, 2016

Exercise Not an ‘Antidote’ to Too Much Sitting, Heart Experts Say

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According to the American Heart Association, growing evidence suggests that, on its own, exercise isn’t enough to counter sitting’s unhealthy effects. A sedentary lifestyle may also be associated with an increased risk of diabetes, impaired insulin sensitivity, and a higher risk of death from any cause. Read more