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15 04, 2019

Dietary change: The need to look beyond the individual

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As practitioners of Lifestyle Medicine, we all understand the importance of dietary choices as a powerful determinant of health and wellbeing. Many of us will spend a significant amount of clinical contact time working both with individual patients and groups of patients with the goal of influencing their dietary choices. However, I […]

7 02, 2019

The impact of dietary changes on symptoms of depression and anxiety [Commentary]

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Several Australian researchers recently completed a meta-analysis of the impact of dietary changes on symptoms of depression and anxiety. The original article, “The effects of dietary improvement on symptoms of depression and anxiety: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials”, can be located here.

It’s also been reported by lifestyle and health writer Sarah […]

29 11, 2018

Are our lack of cooking skills at the root cause of lifestyle diseases?

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In my clinical practice and through my interactions with social and occupational groups, I have observed a growing number of people who don’t know how to cook and a decreasing value placed on a good “home cooked” meal. People are often reaching for convenience foods, take aways, frozen meals and pre-packaged foods rather than preparing […]

11 09, 2018

‘Eat whole foods, mostly plant-based’: What does this actually mean?

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This simple, yet effective mantra is derived from Michael Pollan’s best-selling book In Defence of Food1 (the original quote being ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’). If you haven’t read that book, then the ‘Eat food’ part of the statement is a little confusing. Isn’t everything that we eat food? The idea is that […]

30 03, 2017

Which diet works best for weight loss? – Whatever!

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Those who have been around long enough in the obesity research area, typically despair of the public approach to ‘diets’ – low carbs, low fat, high protein – as a long-term solution for weight loss.

All come with ‘evidence’ that they work – at least within the limited sample and time span with which they’re tested. […]

7 03, 2017

Something fishy in the oil

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A U.S. study, which replicates findings in New Zealand and Australia, has shocking news about what’s really in that fish oil capsule a lot of you swallow every day. And it’s far from what you think you’re paying for.

The study shows that almost all fish oil supplements available in the New Zealand market contain much lower […]