The interplay between sleep, health, and Lifestyle Medicine

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Join Sleep and Respiratory Medicine Specialist Dr. Andrew Bradbeer for an informative webinar tailored for medical and allied health practitioners.

This session will delve into the crucial role of sleep hygiene in overall health and its interplay within Lifestyle Medicine.

Enhance your understanding of how optimising sleep can significantly contribute to patient wellness and learn how to incorporate these insights into your practice. Don’t miss this chance to expand your expertise and improve patient outcomes through better sleep management.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how poor sleep diminishes wellbeing
  • Explore the ways in which better sleep enhances wellbeing
  • Recognise what optimal sleep looks (and feels) like
  • Uncover strategies that can be used to achieve the best sleep possible and identify our blind spots

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About the presenter

Dr Andrew Bradbeer

Respiratory, Sleep Medicine, and General Medicine Specialist

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