The ASLM Fellowship is the first fully multidisciplinary fellowship in Australasia, and represents the highest level of expertise and peer recognition available to health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. If you would like to have your expertise in Lifestyle Medicine recognised, honour your contributions to the field, acknowledge your ongoing commitment, and join a growing community of passionate and accomplished health professionals, then pursuing Fellowship with ASLM should be on your agenda.

What’s covered?

Held live on 27 March 2019, this webinar was designed to answer common questions regarding the ASLM Fellowship program, including eligibility, requirements, the application process and benefits. Specific topics discussed include:
  • Am I eligible to pursue Fellowship with ASLM?
  • What is the grand-parenting period and how is it beneficial?
  • What are the requirements for Fellowship?
  • How do I earn Fellowship points, and can I apply for recognition of prior learning?
  • How do I submit a formal application?
  • What kind of supporting documentation do I need to provide?
  • What if I am unsure if I want to apply?
  • What are the costs involved?

Answering your questions

Jordhana Clark

Jordhana Clark (Education and Engagement Manager)

BHSc (Nat), AdvDip (YT)

Stephen Penman

Stephen Penman (Executive Director)

MAppSc(Res), GC(Tert Teach Learn)

Desre Arnold

Desre Arnold

Registered Nurse, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional and ASLM Fellow

Dr Joshua Crase

General Practitioner, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and ASLM Fellow