Member Spotlight Dr Kate Roe

Meet GP Therapist, Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and ASLM Fellow Dr Kate Roe

ASLM Member Spotlights showcase the invaluable work that ASLM Fellows, ASLM Accredited Doctors and Practitioners, and member ambassadors are doing to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health, healthcare and health policy. ASLM members represent a broad range of medical and health practitioners as well as passionate professionals working in health and wellbeing who believe that and interdisciplinary and lifestyle-centric approach should be considered when it comes to the prevention and management of chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

What is your background?

Working in General Practice for many years and dabbling around in a few different places and jobs in the last 5 years trying to find my niche.

How did you come to Lifestyle Medicine?

I had done some ACNEM courses many years ago and I was looking for more ways to support and help people manage their symptoms that did not always fit within the “mainstream” treatment guidelines, so I started attending events and conferences and then went onto complete the Board Certification in 2020.

Why did you choose to pursue further education in Lifestyle Medicine?

I had completed Board Certification and I felt like progressing to Fellowship was the natural next step that recognises all the extra education activities that I have done and continue to want to do. I felt it also might help promote Lifestyle Medicine in a broader sense if people I interact with become more curious about what this “FASLM” post nominals means. The more people that become aware of what Lifestyle Medicine has to offer, the better.

How has, or how do you envisage this influencing your career/direction?

Lifestyle Medicine is a very helpful framework to assist people in making changes that improve their function and well-being. I’m now using what I have learned from studying Lifestyle Medicine in combination with Psychological Medicine in my private practice called Interweave Therapy.

Any advice for members considering ASLM education?

There is no time like the present, you learn and evolve as you go and you do get to meet some wonderful people along the way.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

Don’t hate on me but I won in the Ticketek lotto and got to see Taylor Swift in Melbourne during her Eras tour and it really lived up to the hype.

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