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Member spotlight – Meet Dr Melanie Lau – Radiologist, Internationally Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and ASLM Fellow

ASLM Member Spotlights showcase the invaluable work that ASLM Fellows, Board Certified Professionals and member ambassadors are doing to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health, healthcare and health policy. ASLM members represent a broad range of medical and health practitioners as well as passionate professionals working in health and wellbeing who believe that and interdisciplinary and lifestyle-centric approach should be considered when it comes to the prevention and management of chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

What is your background?

I am trained as a dietitian, and currently working as an Associate Professor of Dietetics at Swinburne University of Technology.

How did you come to Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle management of diseases lies at the core of dietetic practice. As a dietitian, I am a firm believer that many of the chronic diseases we observe today can be prevented or managed through simple lifestyle changes, including improving the quality of our diets.

Why did you choose the ASLM Fellowship?

To demonstrate my dedication to the practice of Lifestyle Medicine, and to showcase my expertise in this field.

How has, or how do you envisage ASLM Fellowship influencing your career/direction?

This is likely to create more opportunities for me to collaborate with other lifestyle medicine practitioners and researchers. This is particularly important considering the global shift of governments from a focus on treatment to prevention.

Any advice for members considering ASLM Fellowship enrolment?

My advice would be to take action rather than just considering it. Set a specific deadline for yourself and work towards completing all the required learning before that deadline.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

Despite having a Western-sounding surname, my family lineage is purely Chinese.

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