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Meet the speaker: Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM

In the lead up to Lifestyle Medicine 2018, we will be giving you the chance to get to know our speakers, their passion and their work in our ‘Meet the Speakers’ series.

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM is a stand out Australian nutritionist and dietitian who has been actively influencing food and nutrition understandings in Australia throughout past last five decades. Her work has been acknowledged with an Order of Australia award. Most of you will have read one of Rosemary’s books or articles or been influenced by her work indirectly through food and nutrition standards.

We asked Rosemary for her current thoughts on Lifestyle Medicine. Here’s a summary of what she said:

“I see massive potential to consider how our total food production system can encompass the demands that come with climate change. Given food production generates a significant proportion of greenhouse gases – through production of particular items, as well as processing, distribution, and control of waste – we need to consider the complexity of entire system.

While data will vary between countries, some ways to meet these demands will almost always involve:

  • Reducing production and consumption of animal foods in the developed world
  • Changing the types of animal foods we consume (for example, non-ruminant meats, different varieties of seafood)
  • Reducing wastage at all levels of food production
  • Reducing transportation of foods (with greater emphasis on locally produced foods)
  • Fewer ultra-processed products

In my mind the ideal health system gives a lot of weight to prevention and also is one in which everyone – no matter their income level – gets the health care they need, from properly-qualified health care workers. If I could have one wish granted from the genie of the health system, it would be having a Ministry of Food that did not receive any funding from food producers/manufacturers.

What continues to drive me is the need to encourage people to have healthier and more enjoyable eating patterns. I’m also motivated by the need for an independent voice that is not beholden to any companies or industry groups.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me gardening or bushwalking.

For practical, valuable resources, I recommend both Professor Marion Nestle and Dr David Katz who both tend to address topical issues and would thus provide practitioners answers to topics that are in the news and which may give rise to questions from their patients. I’d also recommend people go to eatforhealth.gov.au and read the full details in the Dietary Guidelines booklets for high quality NHMRC backed evidence statements.”

We are excited to have Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM adding to the delivery of excellent education at Lifestyle Medicine 2018.