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Mandy Nolan is dressed to impress at Lifestyle Medicine 2017

We are very excited to introduce Mandy Nolan as our special guest at the Gala Conference Dinner on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon!

You’ve probably already found yourself having a chuckle at her jokes, or heard about some of the initiatives she has been involved in but if not, let us fill you in on why we’re so pleased that Mandy will joining us in Manly this September.

Mandy is a true renaissance woman.

Comedian, Author, Journalist, Humour Therapist & Comedy Coach: Nolan is as at home on the stage as she is on the page.

Able to captivate audiences from a diverse socio economic, age and gender demographic: from the rough and tumble of a late night comedy clubs across the country to the considered and measured corporate performances for VIEW Club, or Sydney’s Parliament House or Olivia Newton John’s Invitation Only Private Party.

As a facilitator Nolan runs comedy workshops for industry leaders keen to give their communication skills an edge, she has taught over 1000 people how be funny, and is expert at using comedy to reframe everyday challenges with special projects for Queensland Mental Health Week.

She has also pioneered Stand UP for Dementia a peer reviewed humour therapy for people with Dementia, the subject of her TED talk. Nolan is the author of three memoirs, an artist, a Creative Writing Teacher, a regular columnist and social commentator. Oh, and by the way, Nolan is also the mother of 5 children, who she credits as the true source of her creativity. ‘When I had kids, everything else looked easy!’

Mandy will be our special guest at the Gala Conference Dinner on Saturday night, and has promised an encore performance on Sunday afternoon.

Find out more about the conference and register here.

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