Lifestyle Medicine Week 2021

Lifestyle Medicine Week is celebrated globally from May 30 – June 5, and offers a unique opportunity for us to raise awareness of the impact and importance of Lifestyle Medicine around the world.

This Lifestyle Medicine Week, we’re asking the ASLM community to share their “Why” on social media, and help us stimulate a meaningful online conversation. For example:

Why are you passionate about Lifestyle Medicine?

Why do you choose to practice from a Lifestyle Medicine perspective?

Why does Lifestyle Medicine speak to you?

By taking part, you’ll be helping us raise awareness of Lifestyle Medicine among Australian and New Zealand health professionals and members of the public, and progress the global movement for change. This is important because with every new professional member or public supporter we gain, our collective voice will get louder, politicians will take more notice, and our initiatives will have more impact. 

Use the social hashtag #lmweekaustralasia to be part of the conversation.

Social media tool-kit

We have created a variety of social media graphics that you may like to use to accompany your posts. Click on each image to launch the download screen. Once launched, right click on the image and select “download”.

Square graphics

Facebook graphics

Landscape graphics

Interested in learning more about Lifestyle Medicine?