• SMA Webinar 28 Feb

Introduction to Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) webinar

This webinar was held on 28 February 2018, featuring Profs Garry Egger and John Stevens, Jordhana Clark (ASLM’s Education Coordinator) and Stephen Penman (Executive Director).

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What SMAs are and how they work
  • How they are being used overseas and in Australasia
  • Research into SMAs, especially around patient and provider satisfaction
  • Derivatives of the SMA concept, eg: Programmed SMAs (pSMAs) and use in non-medical settings
  • Assessing the potential for SMAs in your practice

To find out more about SMAs, please click here.  To find out about the workshop to learn how to conduct SMAs in your own practice or setting, please click here.

Any questions, please feel free to call us on 1300 673 643 or email

After the webinar

This webinar is a pre-requisite for the Shared Medical Appointments Workshop for Practitioners and Facilitators webinar series on Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March at 2:00pm AEDT (one 75 minute session per week for 4 weeks) to learn how to conduct SMAs and optionally become an ASLM Certified SMA Facilitator.

Don’t worry if you miss a session in the series.  All webinars will be recorded and we’ll add the video to the ‘SMA Resources’ section of the website you will have access to after you register.

Registering for this webinar series will provide you with detailed information about the SMA protocol, videos of a previous face to face workshop along with the videos of these webinars as they become available, peer-review of your first SMA report, ongoing support and follow-up.


  • Access to the SMA protocol and online resources
  • Video from previous workshops and the webinar videos
  • Peer-review and certification as an SMA facilitator if desired
  • 12 months of support and follow-up as needed

Time zones for the webinar series:

2:00pm AEDT VIC/NSW/ACT/TAS, 1:00pm QLD, 1:30pm SA, 11:00am WA, 11:30am NT and 4:00pm NZ

To register for the webinar series please click here.

About SMAs in brief

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), also called ‘Group Visits’, are “A series of consecutive individual medical consultations in a supportive group setting where all can listen, interact, and learn.” As such, an SMA is both an individual consultation and an informal group education session.

Traditionally, medical consultations have been carried out in a 1:1 situation; an ‘expert’ (doctor) consulting with one patient. This has served us well, and still does with injuries and infectious diseases. But the rise in chronic and lifestyle-related diseases has dramatically altered the clinical landscape.

No longer is a short consultation with a doctor sufficient or necessarily appropriate to manage what can amount to complex, lifetime, metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory and other disorders. And in the same way that the patient’s best interests may not be well served by the traditional 1:1 consultation, medical practices are struggling under the weight of increasing numbers of their patient cohorts with chronic disease.

SMAs can change the way you manage chronic disease, make clinical appointments more enjoyable for you and your patients, and improve cost efficiencies in your practice.

Shared Medical Appointments:

  • Increase clinical cost-efficiency
  • Use peer support for better outcomes
  • Mean not repeating yourself ad nauseum
  • Improve clinical teamwork
  • Increase patient/provider satisfaction
  • Make clinical practice more fun!

Read more about Shared Medical Appointments here.

Find out more and register
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