Food Systems & Environment

Featuring Dr Peter Johnston, Dietitian and ASLM Fellow.

Each of us can contribute to the solution through our food choices every day and at every meal.

The Earth’s ecosystems are in trouble and agriculture is a leading force in this planetary destruction. Scientists are now reporting that even if we were to eliminate all fossil fuel use overnight, we will not limit warming to 1.5 degrees or even 2 degrees without major changes to the way we produce food. Without changes to agriculture, we also face famine, wars, mass migrations, further biodiversity loss including collapse of oceans and insect populations. The good news is that each of us can contribute to the solution through our food choices every day and at every meal.

Three key outcomes of presentation:

  • Participants will have a better understanding of the severity of the challenges facing humanity.
  • Participants will understand better the reasons why we urgently need to change the way we produce food.
  • Participants will know of key steps they can immediately take to contribute to a more hopeful outcome for humanity and our beautiful planet.

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About the presenter

Dr Peter Johnston

Accredited Practising Dietitian
Perfect Human Food Consulting

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