This free webinar was designed to provide an overview of the educational and CPD opportunities in Lifestyle Medicine offered by ASLM.

If you are interested in pursuing your passion for Lifestyle Medicine, watch this webinar, held live on Thursday 19 September to learn more about Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine, the ASLM Fellowship, and other educational opportunities in Lifestyle Medicine.

What’s covered

Specifically, this webinar discusses and explores:
  • The registration process, costs, and requirements of Board Certification
  • How to prepare for the Board Certification exam
  • What Board Certification can do for you and your practice
  • The application process, costs, and requirements for the ASLM Fellowship
  • What the ASLM Fellowship can do for you

Answering your questions

  • ASLM Education Coordinator: Jordhana Clark
  • ASLM Executive Director: Stephen Penman
  • ASLM Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners: Juliet Richards (Pharmacist and Credentialed Diabetes Educator) and Jac Edser (Occupational Therapist)
  • ASLM Fellow and IBLM/ASLM Board Certified Physician: Dr Michelle Reiss (General Practitioner)

Take the next steps towards Lifestyle Medicine education

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