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Dr Joanna McMillan and Dr Caroline West on Catalyst


f you’re an avid fan of Catalyst, you may already be aware that two of our colleagues, Dr Joanna McMillan and Dr Caroline West recently featured on some of their episodes.

Dr Caroline West, one of Australia’s leading Media Doctors and Past President of ASLM explored ‘How to Exercise Better‘ with Shalin Naik alongside leading clinicians and researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport. Together, they investigated exercise intensity, muscle maintenance, the role of genomic science, and recovery.

Dr Joanna McMillan, Founder of Get Lean and Past Vice-President of ASLM was featured on a two-part series ‘Gut Revolution‘ exploring the Gut Microbiome. She examined whether it was possible to use dietary interventions to help to alleviate the symptoms of IBS and to assist with reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome and shift the balance of harmful and gut bacteria in two individuals.


A big thank you to Dr Caroline West, Dr Joanna McMillan and Catalyst for continuing to increase awareness about the role of Lifestyle in chronic disease.

Missed the episodes and want to know more?

More information on how to watch these episodes online can be found on the ABC website here.

Dr Caroline West and Dr Joanna McMillan