RACGP Awards GP of the Year 2021

Dr Hung The Nguyen named 2021 RACGP General Practitioner of the Year

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is delighted to formally acknowledge and congratulate Dr Hung The Nguyen, on being awarded the National RACGP General Practitioner of the Year for 2021. This award is a well-deserved recognition for Dr Nguyen who has dedicated his career to working in close partnership with community to create long-term change in health outcomes. Dr Nguyen has a commitment to multicultural health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and culturally-aware medical education. He has worked in a variety of rural communities in Australia and has been inspired by understanding the application of medicine in developing countries.

ASLM was not surprised that the RACGP share our respect and admiration for Dr Nguyen’s work. He has passionately added his expertise to the practice of Lifestyle Medicine in Australia first as a Fellow of ASLM and more recently as a Board Member of ASLM. Dr Sam Manger ASLM’s President, says;

“Dr Nguyen’s commitment and dedication to culturally appropriate whole of person care is strongly aligned to the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and this recognition is a powerful acknowledgement of the benefits culture can bring to medicine.”

Dr Nguyen shared his reflections with ASLM after the award was announced and said how glad and humbled he was to receive this recognition at such a challenging time for GPs, and for everyone in the health sector. He drew particular attention to those working in under resourced areas like Aboriginal Health. Dr Nguyen acknowledged the great work of his colleagues and highlighted his experience working with doctors and health professionals who are driven by their values and who are often prepared to sacrifice for what they believe in, to help address gaps in the health system.

A core belief of Dr Nguyen’s is that GPs need to get out of their clinics and into their communities to drive long term change in the health of their patients. Stephen Penman, ASLM’s Executive Director, agrees;

“Lifestyle Medicine is as much about the integration of these principles into communities promoting early intervention, community-based care and self-management of health as it is about clinical intervention. In fact community and technology based approaches are the future and a central approach in Lifestyle Medicine.”

Dr Nguyen feels that the role of the GP is diverse and allows doctors to work across a range of areas which makes them well placed to apply a whole of person approach, as well as listen and adapt to the local needs of their community. He hopes the recognition of this award will lead young doctors to consider working in the Aboriginal health sector and other areas of critical need like chronic disease and lifestyle-related conditions.

Dr Nguyen feels his values are strongly aligned to the Lifestyle Medicine movement and is happy to contribute his skills as a Board Member because he sees the potential of our field to improve health outcomes for all Australians and New Zealanders.

Dr Sam Manger, ASLM President, says;

“On behalf of the Board, Fellows and Members of the Society, we heartily congratulate Hung on this recognition of his outstanding leadership and look forward to great things to come.”

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