Sketch Videos at Lifestyle Medicine 2017: communication made visual

This year, Sketch Videos are bringing delegates a fascinating new way to engage with the content of the conference by transforming plenary talks into a visual form.

Sketch Video’s Chief Doodler, Matthew Magain will be joining us in Manly next month to produce original graphic recordings of the plenary talks in real time. It’s all action as Matt attempts to quickly turn words into images while at the same time, capturing the structure and flow of each talk to its conclusion!

The drawings are then placed around the venue so that delegates can reflect on the visual summary of the lectures they have heard. Despite the fact that Matt has sketched at major events around the world, we think he’ll have his work cut out for him capturing our overarching theme ‘Planet Consumption – Primary care, public and planetary health converge in Lifestyle Medicine’

Where will the sketching be happening?

You can catch Sketch Videos in action in the main plenary room

So where did the idea come from?

We put our hearts and souls into creating an educational and truly memorable experience for our conference attendees, and we’re acutely aware of the importance and power of communication.

You may already know that ASLM is based at Nest Coworking; a socially conscious co-working space in Thornbury, Melbourne. Sharing this space with us is Sketch Videos – a pairing which helped to facilitate this unique possibility for Lifestyle Medicine.

To find out more about Sketch Videos and what to expect at this year’s conference, visit

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