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Can Lifestyle Medicine improve your practice & your patient outcomes?

Dr. Sam Manger, GP, Vice President of ASLM, Academic Lead, and Senior Lecturer at JCU, and Kim Poyner, Nurse and Founder of MediCoach, are here to talk you through why they’re so dedicated to the Lifestyle Medicine movement.

Something must be working if two incredibly busy healthcare professionals are here promoting Lifestyle Medicine year after year, right?

This candid webinar will have you better understanding WHAT Lifestyle Medicine is, how it’s helped Sam and Kim (and their patients) in practice, and how it can support you in making your impactful work even more effective and efficient.

ASLM is excited to share how Lifestyle Medicine makes healthcare and education more accessible, reaching more people rurally and remotely, as well as those in priority populations. It is person-centred, interdisciplinary care that complements Western medicine.

We need a better way of “doing” healthcare, and we’re sure Lifestyle Medicine is the key.

Hear why at our free webinar, open to healthcare professionals, researchers, public health workers, nutritionists, allied health professionals, exercise scientists, students…essentially anyone interested in teaching behaviour change for improved health for all.

About the presenters

Kim Poyner Headshot

Kim Poyner

Nurse and Founder of MediCoach, Health strategist, Faculty of Wellcoaches, Director of ASLM

Sam Manger

Sam Manger

Vice President, ASLM, GP, Senior Lecturer/Medical Educator

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