Candidates sitting board certification exam 2018

Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine Growing in Australasia [Media release]

[Pictured: Candidates sitting the 2018 IBLM Board Certification Examination held on Monday 20 August in Brisbane, Australia]

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine has announced that in 2018, 36 medical doctors, and five PhD/Masters level professionals, have been certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM). A further six degree-qualified health practitioners have been Certified by the ASLM. This follows their successful completion of the IBLM Board Certification Examination held on Monday 20 August 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

These newly certified health professionals join a growing Australasian cohort of medical doctors, allied health practitioners and public health professionals trained in a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine approach to chronic disease prevention and management. The first Australasian cohort, consisting of 13 physicians, three PhD/Masters level professionals and three degree-qualified health professionals, successfully obtained their certification in November 2017.

To date, roughly 370 physicians, health professionals and practitioners world-wide have obtained Lifestyle Medicine certification since it was introduced and internationally standardised by IBLM in 2017.

ASLM’s Executive Director, Stephen Penman said, “We’re delighted that ASLM in Australia and New Zealand is so strongly in support of this important international initiative and we applaud the world-wide standardisation of a set of core competencies in Lifestyle Medicine and subsequent exam.  Importantly, these competencies are easily available to any health professional to enhance their practice with Lifestyle Medicine.”

Lifestyle Medicine is a scientific approach to addressing chronic and lifestyle-related disease. It involves the prevention, management and treatment of conditions that result from physical inactivity, poor diet or nutrition, smoking, alcohol overconsumption, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, social isolation, loss of culture and identify, exposures to toxins, and other influences of society and environment.

ASLM President, Dr Sam Manger, explained, “We have a health system that is running out of money and squeezed to the limits, trying to control a massive burden of chronic diseases, which has its roots in severely unhealthy lifestyles and social health gaps. Lifestyle Medicine presents a comprehensive solution.”

The next Board Certification Examination to be held in Australasia will take place on 10 June in Auckland, New Zealand, immediately following the Lifestyle Medicine 2019 conference (June 7-9). Individuals interested in Certification in Lifestyle Medicine are encouraged to find out more at

About ASLM

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is a multidisciplinary society working towards improved prevention, management, and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions. ‘Lifestyle-related’ includes environmental, societal, behavioural and other factors.

ASLM members include GPs and medical specialists, allied health practitioners, public health physicians, educators, and researchers. We advocate for a multidisciplinary, multi-system approach to the chronic and lifestyle-related disease problem and to achieve this we provide professional development pathways for members in Lifestyle Medicine, amongst other initiatives. For more information, please visit

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Congratulations to the following individuals certified in 2018:


  • Solange Adad
  • Jenny Brockis
  • Lucy Burns
  • Tri Cao
  • Ana Paula Carvalho
  • Peter Comben
  • Megan Cope
  • Roxane Craig
  • Maria Demesa
  • Cherelle Fitzclarence
  • Richard Gee
  • Celine Gol
  • Raymond Goodwin
  • Nazih Hamzeh
  • Jonathan Hoar
  • Lee Yew Hoong
  • Andi Howes
  • Mary Jessop
  • Catherine Llewellyn
  • Siew Lo
  • Lawrence Loh
  • Malcolm Mackay
  • Sharon Matthews
  • Shivani Moodley
  • Christabelle Nath
  • Alison Piper
  • Denise Powell
  • Kristen Riley
  • Morgen Smith
  • Lorna Swarbrick
  • Cheryl Wilson
  • Paul Wood
  • Nicholas Wright
  • Rodolfo Yuchongco
  • Helen Zhang
  • Tiffany Yeo Yu Zhen


  • Lisa Chiang
  • Sarah Dryburgh
  • John Gruhn
  • Gina Howland
  • Marline Squance


  • Jenny Blagdon
  • Willow Firth
  • Martin Flood
  • Susie Oosthuizen
  • Juliet Richards
  • Patterson Stark

For the full list of individuals certified in Lifestyle Medicine to date, please see this page.