This webinar brings together a number of pioneering students and recent graduates from across the globe, who are truly leading change across universities and communities. Hear more from their grassroots initiatives and be inspired about what impact you could have in your area.

What’s covered?

  • Discover what opportunities exist for ASLM student members in the Lifestyle Medicine space
  • Find out how ASLM can support you to become a student leader of Lifestyle Medicine at your university or institution
  • Be inspired and hear from two pioneering students and recent graduates from Australia and Poland who are truly leading change in their universities and broader communities
  • Learn more about our new grants available to students across Australia and New Zealand who are interested in starting a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group

Please note: this webinar has been designed specifically for ASLM Student Members or students interested in Lifestyle Medicine. If you are not a student member, you can join for free here.

Watch the recording

Answering your questions

Alicja Baska

Dr Alicja Baska

Junior doctor, Executive Director and co-founder of the Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine. European Lifestyle Medicine Council Trustee & Director of Communications. Co-founder and a long-time President of the first Polish Lifestyle Medicine Student Interest Group based at Medical University of Warsaw, advisor to several LMIGs at other medical universities in Poland. Past Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Trainees Executive Board, ACLM’s Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award Recipient (2017).
Melinda Zsori

Melinda Zsori

Melinda is currently a Medical Student in her penultimate year at Deakin University, Victoria. She is the Co-Founder of Skill-It kitchen, a group which aims to bring together students who share a common goal of creating a more inclusive, sustainable and healthier future through food. When she is not creating a mess in the kitchen, she enjoys spending time outside in the garden.

Join the student movement

ASLM recognises that students are the future leaders of Lifestyle Medicine, and our hope for health system change and a more equitable and sustainable society. That’s why we’re working to cultivate an active community of students who are committed to advancing Lifestyle Medicine from the ground up.

If you are a current health student passionate about Lifestyle Medicine, there are a number of ways which you can take part in and help advance a student-lead movement for change!

New grants announced!

Six student leadership grants are currently available to assist eligible students in setting up their LMIGs! Click here for full inclusion details, eligibility requirements, and how to apply.