The ALMA Eating Plan for People and Planet

Authored by Garry Egger AM MPH PhD, Shivaun Conn BSc PhD APD, Joanna McMillan BSc PhD APD, Sebely Pal BSc, MSc PhD RN, and Anja Sussmann BSc MSc APD, the ALMA Eating Plan for People and Planet provides a balanced approach to a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet.

Fad diets come and go these days, often proselytized by schools of thought insisting that their regimen is the only one that works. The ALMA Eating Plan is quite different, drawing on a wide array of research to provide guidelines towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The ebook is not meant to be a conventional “diet book”, but rather a general guide to improving health and the environment of the modern world. The ebook comes with tasty sample recipes, weekly meal plan and suggestions for other evidence-based lifestyle behaviours for good health. The authors are some of the most experienced and best-known health and nutrition specialists in the country, with over a century’s collective experience in interpreting and communicating nutrition research.

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