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Who & Why?
Call for Abstracts
Call for Presentations

Themes, streams and workshops

Overarching theme

  • Enhancing health, Evolving care

Streams (Main Conference)

  • Nutrigenomics, health tech & personalised medicine
    Innovations and applications in nutritional genomics, health technology and individualised medicine
  • Microbiome, metabolic dysfunction, obesity & CVD
    The microbiome in the pathophysiology of metabolic dysfunction, obesity and CVD
  • Brain health, cognition, cognitive decline & dementia
    Neuroplasticity, ‘lifestyle’ factors and emotional wellbeing in cognition, cognitive decline and dementia
  • Scientific abstracts – short oral and poster presentations
    Scientific abstracts addressing the above themes will be integrated into the three main streams above

Workshops (Pre-conference)

  • Lifestyle intervention: the science and application of behaviour change
    The science and application of health behaviour change, with coaching, motivational interviewing and lessons from smoking cessation.
  • Positive psychology, emotional wellbeing, sleep and stress
    Addressing loss of meaning, culture and identity, psychosocial stress, trauma, sleep debt and other dis-eases of society.
  • Nutrigenomic strategies for the gut-brain biome
    Epigenetic science and nutrigenomic strategies for treating and enhancing the biome for conditions and life stages.
  • Lifestyle Medicine and your practice of the future 
    Design your practice and consultations for better patient outcomes, efficiency, profitability and enjoyment, including Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs).

Masterclasses and Board Certification exam (Post-conference)

There may also be one or two half day masterclasses held on the Monday morning following the conference at the same venue.  Stay tuned for details and keep Monday morning free if you can until the program is final.

The International Board Certification exam will also be held on Monday morning between 9am and 1pm.  More here.

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