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Our thanks go to our conference sponsors and exhibitors without which this event would simply not be possible. Organisations wishing to exhibit at the conference should contact us as early as possible as exhibition space is limited and will sell out well ahead of the event.

Media partners

6 Minutes Logo

6minutes is a fast and furious news source for busy Australian doctors and allied health professionals. Their medical writers ensure the short, sharp and topical newsletter arrives in your inbox by 6am every Monday to Friday. 6minutes covers the serious stuff that doctors need to know but it’s also famous for its quirky bent and irreverent tone. To learn more, visit www.6minutes.com.au.

Armchair Medical Logo

Armchair Medical’s wish was to overcome the tyranny of distance and deliver massive amounts of outstanding educational content in a timely manner to rural and remote GPs. Armchair Medical exists to deliver a wide variety of content subject matter experts in a format that is easy to consume and engaging to watch. To learn more, visit www.armchairmedical.com.

Australian Doctor Logo

Australian Doctor believes general practice is the cornerstone of the Australian health system, and recognises that quality primary care is a major determinant of the health of a society. They inform, educate and engage Australian GPs about all aspects of their professional lives, foster the GP community, lead discussion and work for a strong general practice. To learn more, visit www.australiandoctor.com.au.

Medical Observer Logo

Medical Observer’s mission is to keep you informed and connected with breaking news and opinion. For nearly 30 years, their dedicated journalists and Doctors have brought readers the most important developments in clinical practice, research and politics. Their website delivers a personalised stream of breaking news, features and practice-shaping opinion – all tailored to each reader’s interests. To learn more, visit www.medicalobserver.com.au.

Pharmacy News Logo

Pharmacy News has been the information source for pharmacy since 1967. Pharmacy News consistently breaks stories, delivers deeper news features, showcases thought-provoking and influential opinion writers, has the most readable clinical section and business and retail case studies to complete the picture. To learn more, visit www.pharmacynews.com.au.


Australian Clinical Labs

Clinical Labs is a leader in traditional molecular testing and new technologies. Clinical Labs’ investment in science and technology has enabled them to re-shape traditional pathology with innovations in precision and personalised medicine. They support practitioners and patients through innovation and technology to help manage patients’ health: quickly, efficiently and confidentially. To learn more, visit www.clinicallabs.com.au/functional-pathology.

Bioceuticals Logo

BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements. Renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of natural-based therapies. BioCeuticals has a strong commitment to research, functional formulas and reliable practitioner support. Their supplements are recognised by qualified healthcare practitioners as well as patients. Visit www.bioceuticals.com.au for more.

IMgateway logo

The Integrative Medicine Gateway (IMgateway), owned and developed by UnityHealth, is a unique information resource for health professionals. By collaboratively working with reputable and independent organisations, the IMgateway technology acts to disseminate quality information, research and education – to promote the integration of evidence-based complementary medicine with conventional medicine. To learn more, visit www.imgateway.net.

Life-Space endeavors to follow the unfolding story of the human microbiome and the trillions of beneficial bacteria that it is composed of. They believe that the microbiome and good health are tightly interlinked, and they are committed to exploring and learning from the latest microbiome research. To learn more, visit www.lifespaceprobiotics.com.


A2 Milk Company Logo

a2 Milk™ may assist patients with digestive well-being, because it does not contain the A1 beta-casein protein which other commercially available cows’ milk contains. To learn more, visit www.a2nutrition4professionals.com.au.

Barley+ Logo

Barley+ Muesli, Porridge and Muesli Bars contain increased levels of a variety of fibre types all in the one Barley grain, including resistant starch for prebiotic activity and positive effects on gut microbiota, soluble fibres for low GI and LDL-cholesterol excretion and insoluble fibres for improved laxation. Find out more at http://barleyplus.com.au/healthprofessionals/.

Eagle Logo

Eagle is one of Australia’s first ‘Practitioner Only’ natural healthcare companies. Eagle have built their leading reputation on the quality of their precision formulations and their focus on helping Australians achieve better health. Their passion for developing natural therapies continues to be driven by the positive impact these formulations can have on your life, something they’ve witnessed for over 50 years. To learn more, visit www.eaglenaturalhealth.com.au.

Fitgenes Australia has designed a range of personalised genetic products analysing a suite of genes in the pathways that influence health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Their unique scientifically based process offers strategic nutrigenomic interventions and the ability to address individual health goals via programs that are easy to implement and maintain for ongoing health and wellbeing. Fitgenes products are available via their global community of Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners, their retail partners and via their online platforms. Their focus is on providing health and wellness outcomes via personalised interventions based on the four pillars of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness. Find out more at www.fitgenes.com.

Metagenics is the number one provider of Practitioner only Natural Medicines in Australia and New Zealand and provides high quality products and professional education based on cutting edge research for optimal clinical results. The Metagenics mission; Helping people live happier, healthier lives is achieved with the best products, education and service. To learn more, visit www.metagenics.com.au.


Bp Premier is the first choice in integrated general practice medical software for doctors and practice managers, designed to put you and your practice first.  Maintain quality electronic patient records, transfer information securely between agents (like results from pathology services), produce safe and legible prescriptions, better manage preventative health care protocols for patients and much more.  For the full story go to www.bpsoftware.net.

Biological Therapies Logo

Biological Therapies has over 40 years of sterile manufacturing experience. All Biological Therapies’ products are manufactured under the strict PIC/S Code of GMP (the highest international GMP standards). They ensure that their clients’ expectations are continually exceeded by delivering the highest quality products, providing a friendly and reliable customer support network and very competitive pricing. Visit www.biologicaltherapies.com.au for more information.

Cell-Logic Logo

Cell-Logic’s focus has been on the rapidly-emerging field of Nutrigenomics taking practitioners to a new level of clinical expertise. Cell-Logic claims its position as an expert in the field of Nutrigenomics, not only in the technology it has developed to make the world’s highest sulforaphane-yielding broccoli sprout powder, but also through its educational programs. We are proud to occupy a specialist niche within the broader discipline of Nutritional Medicine. Find out more at www.cell-logic.com.au.

Cobram Estate Logo

Cobram Estate is a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They can guarantee the health benefits of Cobram Estate EVOO because – it is made from premium olive varieties grown in our Australian grove, picked at optimum ripeness, and cold pressed within 6 hours of harvest. This is the Cobram Estate Promise. To learn more, visit www.cobramestate.com.au.

Functional Nutrition Academy Logo

Functional Nutrition Academy offers online nutrition courses based on a vitalistic philosophy. These diverse courses are suitable for people who want to improve their health and nutrition, create a business in health as well as people working in a clinical capacity, who are seeking additional expertise in applied functional nutrition. Find out more at https://fn.academy/.

nPod is where you find prescribing information for all Australian and New Zealand Practitioner- Only supplements.  One database for ALL brands.  Use their prescribing guide to select the most appropriate products together with the latest research.  Their product comparison and comprehensive search features allow you to prescribe with ease.  Upcoming seminars, educational podcasts and probiotic guidance make this an invaluable resource. To learn more visit www.npod.com.au.

Nutrition Care Logo

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals was established 40 years ago by Professor Ian Brighthope and remains as one of Australia’s exclusive companies in its ability to both formulate and manufacture onsite, evidenced-based therapeutic nutraceutical medicines for the ‘Practitioner Only’ market. Nutrition Care is committed to providing exceptional educational programs, the development of high-quality innovative therapeutics and outstanding research programs to further understand and provide clinical evidence for available treatments, in particular probiotics amongst other key health categories. Find out more at www.nutritioncare.com.au.

Olive Wellness Institute Logo

The Olive Wellness Institute is a science repository on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olives and olive products, which is all subject to extensive peer review. The institute is guided by scientific experts that specialise in the nutrition, health and wellness benefits related to olive products. To subscribe, visit www.olivewellnessinstitute.org.

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