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Sponsors & exhibitors

Our thanks go to our conference sponsors and exhibitors without which this event would simply not be affordable for delegates. Sponsors also make an important contribution to the enjoyment of the event by presenting products, services, programs and initiatives delegates may find useful.  Sponsorship does not imply any endorsement by ASLM and sponsors have no part in program development.

Organisations wishing to exhibit at Lifestyle Medicine 2020 in May should contact us at as early as possible as exhibition space is limited.

This page is currently being updated with sponsors for the 2020 conference. Please check back again soon!

Media partners

6 Minutes Logo

6minutes is a fast and furious news source for busy Australian doctors and allied health professionals. Their medical writers ensure the short, sharp and topical newsletter arrives in your inbox by 6am every Monday to Friday. 6minutes covers the serious stuff that doctors need to know but it’s also famous for its quirky bent and irreverent tone.

Armchair Medical Logo

Armchair Medical’s wish was to overcome the tyranny of distance and deliver massive amounts of outstanding educational content in a timely manner to rural and remote GPs. Armchair Medical exists to deliver a wide variety of content subject matter experts in a format that is easy to consume and engaging to watch.

Australian Doctor Logo

Australian Doctor believes general practice is the cornerstone of the Australian health system, and recognises that quality primary care is a major determinant of the health of a society. They inform, educate and engage Australian GPs about all aspects of their professional lives, foster the GP community, lead discussion and work for a strong general practice.

Medical Observer Logo

Medical Observer‘s mission is to keep you informed and connected with breaking news and opinion. For nearly 30 years, their dedicated journalists and Doctors have brought readers the most important developments in clinical practice, research and politics. Their website delivers a personalised stream of breaking news, features and practice-shaping opinion – all tailored to each reader’s interests.

Pharmacy News Logo

Pharmacy News has been the information source for pharmacy since 1967. Pharmacy News consistently breaks stories, delivers deeper news features, showcases thought-provoking and influential opinion writers, has the most readable clinical section and business and retail case studies to complete the picture.

Conference Partners

Wellgrove logo

Wellgrove olive leaf extract, from Australia’s leading olive farmer and producer of Cobram Estate™, is created using fresh leaves that are processed within 6 hours of being picked. Our natural extraction process results in a product with high levels of antioxidants which have a variety of health and wellness benefits.

Cobram Logo

Cobram Estate is a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They can guarantee the health benefits of Cobram Estate EVOO because – it is made from premium olive varieties grown in our Australian grove, picked at optimum ripeness, and cold pressed within 6 hours of harvest. This is the Cobram Estate Promise.


Be Fit Food logo

Founded by Dr Geoffrey Draper, a bariatric surgeon, and Kate Save, an accredited practising dietitian & exercise physiologist, Be Fit Food empowers you to achieve rapid results – both on and off the scales.

Our programs give our customers the food, resources and dietitian support they need to healthily lose weight rapidly and sustain their weight loss through eating nutrient-rich, real food rather than resorting solely on shakes, bars or detox teas. Find out more at

BioCeuticals logo

BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. As a progressive force in integrative health, BioCeuticals believes practitioner advice is key to optimal health treatment outcomes. BioCeuticals strives to be the first choice and recommendation for integrative health practitioners, no matter where they choose to practice, and is committed to research and practitioner support programs.

Their formulations are based on the principles of naturopathic and evidence-based medicine, and the essence of the BioCeuticals brand is underpinned by five guiding pillars: health, knowledge, integrity, leadership and humanity.

Leaders in innovative supplements, integrative health, research and practitioner support.

Live Lighter Logo

LiveLighter® is a public health education campaign encouraging Australians to lead healthier lives by changing what they eat and drink and being more active. An initiative of the State Government of Western Australia, in Victoria, it is delivered by Cancer Council Victoria, in Western Australia, it is delivered by Cancer Council WA. For more information visit


Simplify your clinic with Patient ordering has never been this easy. Reliable same day despatch of products, helpful product analysis and independent education. Save yourself time and your patients money.


a2 Milk logo

a2 Milk™ is pure dairy milk, completely natural and additive free. Most dairy milk today contains two main types of beta-casein protein, A2 and A1. For some people who experience gastrointestinal discomfort when drinking regular dairy milk, avoiding the A1 type of beta-casein may make the difference. a2 Milk™ and the a2 Platinum® Premium range contain only the A2 type of beta-casein protein and are free of the A1 type.

BeFunctional Labs logo

BeFunctional Labs is a specialist division of Australian Clinical Labs, one of Australia’s leading pathology companies. Since 1974, our laboratories have provided an extensive range of functional pathology testing services to healthcare practitioners and their patients across Australia.

Our goal is to empower practitioners and their patients to achieve and maintain optimal health through evidence-based results. To learn more please visit

Flordis logo

The Flordis range of natural medicines is clinically researched and carefully developed following our Source to Patient philosophy, with a strict ‘quality first’ approach to ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes. Flordis is dedicated to providing high quality medicines that are backed by science to deliver evidence-based health outcomes.

Formulite Logo

Formulite satisfies a void in the market for higher quality VLCD Meal Replacements. Our shakes provide the nutritional benefits of whey protein, while being low in sugar and carbs. They also contain healthy fats, pre-and probiotics and added fibre, while leaving out Fructose and artificial sweeteners. We’ve recently expanded our range to include Lupin Soups.

NutriKane D logo

NutriKane D is a natural, food as Medicine which lowers and helps control blood sugar levels by engaging three separate Modes of Action: (1) Physical/chemical interactions with the gut; (2) Direct absorption of biochemically active micronutrients; (3) A proven broad spectrum prebiotic that reduces proinflammatory bacteria, produces secondary metabolytes such as SCFAs, and increases probiotic bacteria without the risk of SIBO. Visit to find out more.

Nuts for Life logo

Research shows that many Australians need to increase their nut intakes six-fold, if they’re to gain the significant health benefits associated with regularly eating nuts.  A handful a day reduces the risk of heart disease and developing type 2 diabetes, without leading to weight gain. Come and visit us to learn more. Visit Nuts for Life.

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